Chestnut House Troubles

From Alex at the Chestnut House:

ATTN Anyone who goes to shows at the Chestnut House and wants to see this place keep going.

We have gotten into some trouble with the cops recently about the noise. We are going to have to sound proof both front rooms asap.

If you enjoy shows going on please consider making a donation so that we are able to afford sound proofing material.

Since we charge at the door and to help with not getting in trouble with sound we may be forced to get a commercial license, if so that will also cost us a decent chunk of money to make happen.

We appreciate any help anyone can give. If you are able to make a donation please send it through paypal to

Also we have two new house rules that EVERYONE (no exceptions) are required to follow if they want to attend any shows at the house.

Absolutely no drinking/alcohol is allowed in or outside of the show.

If you come to a show here you MUST stay inside the yard (past the black gate) or inside the show at all times. We have a huge backyard and a back porch, no reason to ever hangout out front of the house.

Thank you for reading and helping! We appreciate it so much!

-Chestnut House