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LVC - Songs ABout ShittingLee Van Cleef called it quits earlier this year in almost typical Louisville fashion. That is to say that they had to part ways right after recording a new record instead of the way everyone seems to record/release/break up almost right afterwards. Justin headed off for D.C. adventure, babies were had, etc. Regardless, that record, helmed by Trip at Treehouse Audio, is seeing the light of internet-day now on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. Entitled Songs About Shitting, please give it a shot even if you tend to be fecal-phobic.

The album expands quite a bit on LVC’s last effort, which takes a cue from Jake’s singing style to expand from ‘just’ a rock band into a small rock orchestra with two drummers. Here’s the lineup of who all was involved. Make sure to check out the song titles in the image:

Jacob Miller – Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Effects
Jonah O’Neil – Bass, triangle
Nick O’Brien – Guitar, Glockenspiel, Cymbals
Syd Bishop – Guitar, Xylophone, Drums, Effects
Justin Gordinas – Drums
Jon Hill – Drums
Jim Marlowe – Baritone Sax (Qunt?; Two Dump Chump)
Chet Gray  – Cello (Werewolves of Motown Philly; Qunt?)

Recorded by Trip Barriger between February and October 2012 at Treehouse Audio.

Oh and here’s an early review of the record:


Corey Lyons

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