Two nights, two shows – March 10/11, 2013


Alex Rhema has two back to back shows coming up next month that you should check out. Shit, there’s a TON of shows in March. There’s absolutely no reason to be stuck in your house unless you’re an alchemist trying to turn yourself into a golden fatass slug. If you’re trying that specific thing, I’m… impressed. Otherwise, get up and get out jerks. Both shows are at Haymarket on Market St and are All Ages.

March 10th

Fire & Ice
Rude Awakening
Another Mistake
Bent Life
Full Zenith

Doors @ 5:30/show at 6pm sharp

March 11th

Build & Destroy
Written Off
Ill Advised
Blind Justice

Doors @ 6pm/show at 6:30pm sharp

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