Your Food – Poke It With a Stick

Your Food - Poke It With a Stick Louisville’s own Your Food will re-release their only record – Poke It With a Stick on March 23rd, 2018. Long only available through tape trades, this little bit of Louisville music history can be yours thanks to the folks at Drag City Records. If you don’t feel like waiting, the band has put one song up on Bandcamp with a pre-order option where you get the rest of the songs presumably on the stroke of midnight on March 23rd. Check out the song – Leave – below. To those that picked up the Bold Beginnings comp, Leave may be familiar as it and two other tracks were included there.

It was a golden age, but a waning one, an adolescent state before hope or commercial prospect or any plan for the future. Your Food managed three short tours in a world before cell phones, social media, or global positioning, and earned the admiration of the few who heard them. But, it all came to a spectacularly bitter end on the side of some frozen, forlorn highway in West Virginia. After the van broke down three times in four days, the band called it quits.