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Astro Black Records opening Friday

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Some news I’ve been sleeping on like a moron… Jim Marlowe (Sapat, Tropical Trash) is opening up a new record store this Friday. It’ll be named Astro Black Records. Apparently, Jim’s not opposed to doing some shows at the new shop once he gets settled in. They’ll be selling new as well as used records, so if you have some old stuff to sell off, keep them in mind. And the stuff on the shelves – tax is already marked in the price, so none of that awkward adding up in your head on the way to the register.

Phil Olympia, who runs the Never Nervous blog, recently ran an interview with Jim. You should definitely check it out ASAP.

There are quite a few triumphs that residents of Louisville have to be excited about this Summer. For instance, we have a new record store on the brick-and-mortar horizon called Astro Black Records, and we also are looking forward to the much anticipated debut seven inch record from post-rockers Tropical Trash. My friend Jim Marlowe is behind both of these happenings and was nice enough to sit down and answer a few questions about his new shop, the upcoming Tropical Trash record, and so on and so forth…

– Jim Marlowe/Astro Black Records on Never Nervous

Astro Black Records
930 Baxter Ave,
Louisville, KY.

Contact Jim Marlowe
Email: Gmail
Hours: 12:00 – 8:00
Website: Facebook


All Ages Show Options

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

As you may have heard, the Chestnut House has decided to cancel all shows for the remainder of June 2012, and who knows what will happen for July. Some of those shows may find another spot, but some may not. To try and help out those that are trying to reschedule their gigs, here’s a couple of places that may be able to help out if not already booked up:

Chestnut House Troubles

Monday, June 11th, 2012

From Alex at the Chestnut House:

ATTN Anyone who goes to shows at the Chestnut House and wants to see this place keep going.

We have gotten into some trouble with the cops recently about the noise. We are going to have to sound proof both front rooms asap.

If you enjoy shows going on please consider making a donation so that we are able to afford sound proofing material.

Since we charge at the door and to help with not getting in trouble with sound we may be forced to get a commercial license, if so that will also cost us a decent chunk of money to make happen.

We appreciate any help anyone can give. If you are able to make a donation please send it through paypal to

Also we have two new house rules that EVERYONE (no exceptions) are required to follow if they want to attend any shows at the house.

Absolutely no drinking/alcohol is allowed in or outside of the show.

If you come to a show here you MUST stay inside the yard (past the black gate) or inside the show at all times. We have a huge backyard and a back porch, no reason to ever hangout out front of the house.

Thank you for reading and helping! We appreciate it so much!

-Chestnut House

Late Ones full length now available for pre-order

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012
Late Ones - like the day after a heavy rain

Late Ones - like the day after a heavy rain

As of Midnight this morning, Little Heart Records has put up Late One’s full length for pre-order and released the album art and title. It’s going to be called (or is called?) “…Like The Day After A Heavy Rain” and you can plop down some dollars for it at the following URL:

After several months of laying low, Louisville’s Late Ones has emerged with their full length release “…Like The Day After a Heavy Rain.” Twelve new songs of pop-punk and introspective melody (but don’t worry, they still wrote a couple songs about heartbreak). This follow up to 2011’s “nailbiter” 7″ proves that while Late Ones will never get tired of playing the music the grew up and continue to love, they will learn how to bend the rules of pop punk into something of their own – turn the volume up.

Another Mistake/Overlooked split 7″

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

Another Mistake/Overlooked split

Another Mistake/Overlooked split

Another Mistake has a new 7″ split coming out with Overlooked from North Carolina. Here’s the ‘official’ write up on the disc, which you can order straight from Hellfish Records for $6:

Another Mistake (Louisville, KY) and Overlooked (Wilmington, NC) team up together for a split EP on Twelve Gauge Records that feature each artist’s newest material. This split EP features three brand new tracks from each band, mixed by Sean Collier and Drew Fulk respectively, and mastered by Sam Pura at The Panda Studios.

Pressing Info 100 – Green/Gray Side A/Side B
200 – Green w/ Black splatter
200 – Dark Blue/White half/half
Track listing:

  • Side A (Another Mistake)
    1. 1. Stuck In My Ways
    2. 2. Proof (Written Off Cover)
    3. 3. Up and Over
  • Side B (Overlooked)
    1. 1. Past or Present
    2. 2. Fence Walker
    3. 3. Means to An End