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Eastern High school competes in the 2012 Vans Custom Culture contest

Saturday, April 28th, 2012

Seeing as though a number of kids currently going to shows (as well as many alumni) have come from Eastern High School here in Jefferson Co., I thought it’d be a good thing to share that again this year, Eastern’s art students are competing in the 2012 Vans Custom Culture competition. The competition, as you can read below, gives students a pair of vans and lets them draw/paint/whatever on them to personalize them. It may seem a bit ‘Anarchy for sale’ to some people, but the winning school gets $50,000 for their art program!! That’s a pretty awesome prize for many schools, including Eastern, who have had their budgets cut to nothing in the past decade. Unless you’re a total prick, you should be able to get behind that. Eastern is the only Kentucky school to make it to the final 50 out of over 1,000 schools, according to art teacher Mrs. Hamilton-Cooper. You can view the submissions below, and read an article on the project that Mrs. Hamilton-Cooper sent along for more info.

Vans Custom Culture Voting


Palomino Record’s biz boost

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

The Courier Journal ran an article this week about Louisville neighbors Palomino Records, who over the past year or so have been churning out TONS of releases for the bands that this site tries to cover. It’s a shame that they didn’t mention any specifics (labels/bands) about what the ‘new market’ is that has helped Palamino not only stay in business but think about expanding, but I guess it wasn’t really needed for the article. Anyway, give a shout out to Noise Pollution for one for leading people towards the business and helping get a lot of records from this town pressed over the past year.

Nearly 500,000 45-rpm records fill the shelves in thousands of boxes — it’s the vinyl version of the last scene in “Raiders of the Lost Ark.”

CJ Article about Palomino

Little Heart Records 2012 calendar

Monday, November 21st, 2011

Get ready for the last year of existence with this forthcoming Little Heart Records calendar. Featuring some of the following bands: Bush League, Late Ones, Nixon, Skyscraper Stereo, On My Honor, and more. Pop over to the Little Heart Records Facebook page for more info, or keep an eye out in January for their 3-day blowout. More info on that coming real soon. In the meantime, checkout most of (if not all) of their releases on Spotify, including the Skam Impaired discography.

Little Heart Records 2012 Calendar

Little Heart Records 2012 Calendar

We are making a VERY limited run of these prints (100 to be exact) that we will be giving away through out the rest of 2011. These calendars feature a TON of crammed together Little Heart Records favorites from the last few years…

Ear X-Tacy to clear stock in Thanksgiving weekend closeout

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

The latest has come in today from the recently closed-down Ear X-Tacy. They will be open for one last hurrah weekend on November 27th and 28th (Saturday/Sunday) from noon to 5pm. Read the posting from their Facebook page below (added emphasis all mine). For those of us with consignment items, this timeframe is also when you can come in and pick up your goods.

Hello Friends and Family,

We’re sending this out to you today with some information about the last sale at the store! (Finally!)

Ear X-tacy will be open for 2 final days on Saturday November 26th and Sunday November 27th. Hours for both days will be 12 Noon – 5pm. We’d love to see all of you one last time at the store. Everything will be sold. Information regarding any discounts will be sent closer to time. We will be accepting cash, credit cards, and gift cards. PLEASE BE AWARE THIS WILL BE THE LAST TIME TO REDEEM ANY GIFT CARDS AND GIFT CERTIFICATES.

Also, we will be reaching out to any/all local artists today about a designated pick up time for items in the store. Please be looking for that email, as we only have so much time to get this taken care of. (If you know of a local artist we carry, please feel free to pass along this email).


Cropped Out 2011

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

Cropped Out 2011 is coming up this weekend, make sure you don’t miss it. The venue has been updated from last year’s event, and it’s at the corner of E Main St & N Campbell St (click for Google Map link). Advance tickets are still for sale today and tomorrow for  cheap online at Ticketfly, and probably will be available up until doors open. You can get in on Friday for as little as $20 starting at 5pm, Saturday tickets are currently $35 and Sunday $20. The full lineup is below.


Cropped Out is a locally and independently developed music festival set to take place in Louisville, KY. The fest is designed to highlight the creative efforts of Louisville natives, friends, family, and fellow thinkers from Nashville to Chicago to Brooklyn and beyond.

Since the earliest baby breaths of punk from within the walls of the now-defunct Louisville School of Art in the late ‘70s, from local proto-punks like No Fun, Babylon Dance Band, and the recently re-issued Endtables, it is no secret that Louisville’s cultural contributions have long served as a significant influence on national underground art and music scenes. One must not forget, we are still a force with which to be reckoned. This festival, specifically, intends to celebrate a renewed sense of enthusiasm about Kentucky’s cultural offerings by pairing a few of our favorites from the Derby City with similarly exciting examples handpicked from around the country.