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FREE – Revenants and DoppelHammer

Friday, June 21st, 2013
The Revenants & Döppelhammer at the Mag Bar

The Revenants & Döppelhammer at the Mag Bar

At the Mag Bar on Sunday night:

Come out for awesome music and a chance for a film cameo. Doors open at 9 and show begins at 10. 21 and up.

Opening for The Revenants is DoppelHammer. The doom metal band has been created for the film “The Fated Assemblage of Dr. Malvagio” and as such, the first portion of the show is designed to capture crowd shots for the film. While DoppelHammer may be, on the surface level, “fictitious,” its members are assembled from various local bands (Josh Spriggs, Matt Brown, Jared Manning, Vincent Castellano ) with Ultra Pulverize’s Andrew Vititoe on vocals.

Filming will continue through The Revenants show. The show will be filmed to capture footage that will be used in promotional videos for the band’s new, upcoming album “Black Horizons.” All the album’s new tracks will be performed at the show. While the new album won’t be available yet at the show, all previous merch will be on sale for $5.00. Footage will also be used in the aforementioned film, as the band will be appearing as a special musical guest within it.

It’ll be a killer night!

Haymarket Whiskey video and pics

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

The more or less first punk/hardcore show at the current incarnation of Haymarket (being the incarnation with a huge backroom just for music) went off pretty well the other night. Not only that, but it was pretty well recorded for the most part. There’s some video of All Dead’s last song up to and through where they blew out a fuse on just about their last note. There’s also video of Permanent Night’s entire set (set list below). There were at least 3 people taking photos, if any one else has them online, I’ll link to them below.


Two nights, two shows – March 10/11, 2013

Thursday, February 21st, 2013


Alex Rhema has two back to back shows coming up next month that you should check out. Shit, there’s a TON of shows in March. There’s absolutely no reason to be stuck in your house unless you’re an alchemist trying to turn yourself into a golden fatass slug. If you’re trying that specific thing, I’m… impressed. Otherwise, get up and get out jerks. Both shows are at Haymarket on Market St and are All Ages.


Cropped Out updates/lineup changes

Friday, September 28th, 2012

Greetings, all! The time is now upon us! One last update from the Cropped Out camp, leading into this weekend’s festivities.

Just wanted to mention that advance tickets will only be available through the morning of Friday, 9/28, so if you were planning on saving a couple extra dollars by buying early, get on it! You only have a couple days left.

Physical tickets are still available from our friends at Astro Black Records and Please & Thank You in Louisville, as well as will-call tickets on our website HERE. As soon as doors open on Friday afternoon, the price will return to the regular rate of $25 a day or $45 in combination with the purchase of a Saturday.

Sunday tickets are also still available online and at the door day-of-show for our closing party at The Workhouse Ballroom (which we should probably mention is at 1312 Lexington Road) with Papa M, Wooden Wand, and Jozef Van Wissem. This is a very special event with limited seating, so please buy your tickets in advance if possible to prevent a line out the door into the traffic of Lexington Road.

We’d also like to take this time for a couple other quick announcements. One (and hopefully the only) change in scheduling is that Dahm of The Phantom Family Halo has come down with some pretty lousy illness and will not be able to make the trek down from New York City this year. Though on a positive note, while he takes his time to rest, 90’s power-violence pioneers Suppression (from Roanoke, VA) and our very close friends Fat History Month (from Boston, MA//on Sophomore Lounge) will be sliding into the line-up instead.


Cropped Out tickets still available!

Friday, September 21st, 2012

Cropped Out still has tickets available for all three days on TicketFly. Make sure to grab some now before next weekend’s festival gets started. There are tickets for Friday, Saturday, or a combo ticket package for both days. If you’re looking to get into the Sunday party, keep your ears open around the first two days for info (gotta keep it secret, keep it safe).

Buy Tickets Now

Here’s an updated listing of who is playing, and on what day (or view on the Cropped Out site): (more…)