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Wednesday, May 16th, 2007

As you can see, this site hasn’t been updated since January. There will probably be some design/content changes coming in the near future.
If you have been having trouble with logging on/signing up for the foums, I put in place several modifications to help cut down on spam attacks. It’s working great, but if you’re signing up, you’ll have to remember these rules:
1)You have to match the authentication code exactly – uppercase counts.
2)you can’t put where you’re from or a link to your site in your profile until you’ve had 5 posts
3)None of those posts can contain a link.
If you try any violating any of those rules, the board will automatically block you, your post, or just not let you sign up.

LHxC zines…

Saturday, May 6th, 2006

What all I’ve put up today:
*Scott Ritcher’s mayoral pamphlet (in misc folder)
*Conqueror Worm #3, 5, 6
*Revival Ink #2
*Negative Outlook #2
*Son Of Dog comiczine
*Initial Records Sprin 1997 Catalog/Zine (in misc. folder)

Rat and Danzig – 1988 or 1989. From Negative Outlook #2.

May updates

Sunday, April 30th, 2006

Tons of new flyers are being scanned right now… some of the highlights are Give Up The Ghost @ Keswick, Converge @ Keswick, Ganthet @ Sleep Chamber, The Promise Ring @ Spark’s… many of these and more are already up or will be up soon.
And in the mp3s area, the BLOODFART casette entitled COLOSTOMY CUMCAKE is available for download.

LHXC releases on LastFM

Sunday, April 9th, 2006

LastFM, an online radio service coupled with all that social networking junk that has been so popular as of late (journal/friends lists/etc) is now hosting the Ganthet – Excelsior and Redhanded – Making James Hetfield Cry (most of which was previously unreleased) records on their online radio stations.
The site lets you keep track of all the crap that you listen to on your computer and share that information with your friends (they probably do or are planning to share this info with record companies – who knows). Either way, if you already are on the site, and listen to the radio stuff on there, check out the Louisville records. Peace out broseph.
p.s. those Ganthet records are still available if anyone wants one – $4 for a 7″ and a CD!

A note on other “history” sites… and this site’s Ads

Thursday, March 30th, 2006

Just so all of the users of this site and of the Louisville Punk/Hardcore/Indie history know and are aware, content has been harvested from this site’s history and placed on another site. While copying is allowed under it’s license, the other site is ignoring the hard work that several of you have put into updating your bands and experiences on the History, and not giving credit to any of the LHXC users that added/edited the information. It is not even acknowledging this site as it’s source. It is also, through the use of advertisements (*see below), trying to make money off of the information, another violation of the CC license.
If people would rather use that site’s wiki-based “history”, feel free too. But I ask that you please remember where this came from.. and recognize it as such. Thanks.
(as for ads, according to my Google Adsense account, and adding in donations from people such as Jamie Miller, Daisy Schwartz, t-shirt sales, this site has enough money!!! to make it’s renewal payment in August. So I’m taking all advertisements off of this site TODAY. This site, and it’s information should be free to all. I don’t think I should make money off of just presenting and cataloging other people’s hard work. FUCK THAT.