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Great Floods

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Great Floods logoComprised of members from Antikythera, Year of Desolation, Sealing of the Tribes,countermeasure, Cadaver in Drag, Every Day After, Destined to Fall, Harlem, Cast from Eden, Lo-Fi Devastator, Kallus, Great Floods is a newer band that has just posted their first recordings up on SoundCloud. There are currently two songs up – “60/120” and “Fad diets and documentaries”. Loud, screamy, and abrasive. The band has played one show a few months back, and has several more lined up. They’ll be playing with All Dead and A Life Once Lost this coming Monday at Haymarket Whiskey, and they’ll also be playing at the Mag Bar with Beast In The Field, Octopus, and Bearhammer on March 29th. Keep an eye out.

ALOL, Great Floods, All Dead, Ohlm

ALOL, Great Floods, All Dead, Ohlm

Ill Advised – The Detox

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Ill Advised’s new video for The Detox is up now. Check it.

Shot and edited by AJ Graninger

Anwar Sadat – Gold

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

Anwar Sadat has been pretty busy the last few months with tons of out of town shows as well as a spate of Louisville gigs. They’ve been laying down some groundwork in anticipation for a new 12″ record entitled “Gold” which will be hitting the streets and the web on March 8th, 2013. On the 8th, Cropped Out, The Other Side of Life, and Astro Black will present a release show at Quills/Astro Black to celebrate. Also playing the show will be Whips/Chains and The New Mexico (thought they were done, shows what little I know). The show will be at 10pm for $5, and of course all ages.

Stabler – The Squadroom

Monday, February 11th, 2013

Stabler CD cover

Stabler CD cover

With a name like Stabler, you’d likely expect some no-nonsense, straight to the point enforcement. Well, if you’re a fan of Law & Order: SVU that is. If you’re both a fan of that and hardcore, then you’re in luck as Louisville’s Stabler bring you 10 tracks of straight forward thrashing hardcore with their new release The Squadroom. The songs were recorded by Mike Stewart of the House of Wax and mixed/mastered by Sean Collier. If you’re into the songs, you can see Stabler at Spinelli’s Downtown on Sunday, March 17th with Shook Like Dead Men (OH), They Came Bearing Arms, and Hallows. Keep on the look out for some more soon afterwards and potentially for a limited edition CD of this record at those shows.

Stabler Facebook
Stabler Bandcamp
Stabler : The Squadroom download on Mediafire

Neighbor s/t

Friday, February 8th, 2013

Neighbor - s/t Neighbor has released a new record which is now available via Bandcamp or CD. The self-titled release has 10 songs.

it’s impressive how powerfully and rapidly the album slams open and never fucking subsides its push.

Recorded by Trip at Treehouse Audio last year, the album sees full time members Adam Kirby, Aaron Sortman, and Sean Gardner team up with Bob Scott on a couple of tracks. It starts off heavy and never lets up, with pouding, driving drums at just the right tempo as to not feel rushed nor feel complacent and guitar/bass tones fleshing out the distortion-heavy volume worship that has formed many local band’s sounds the past 10 years or so. A couple of spots remind me of some earlier Lords material, which I mean, and which I’d hope they’d take, as a compliment.

Neighbor will be playing a release show TONIGHT with Anwar Sadat at Z-Bar. Also playing will be Rogue Vogue from Chicago and the OK DeeJays presumably after the bands.

Neighbor is a heavy band with some heavy thoughts on their mind.

– Peter Berkowitz via LEO