The Hardcore/Punk Guide To Christianity

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Rebuttals, Responses and Future Editions

Anyone who wishes to rebut or respond to this publication may do so. While I plan to publish some criticisms or clarifications of my arguments in future editions, I will not have space to print every single piece of correspondence.

Contacting Robin Banks

If you would like to contact me, write:

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Ordering Printed Copies

You may order printed copies of this essay directly from AK Press for three U.S. dollars (US$3) per copy. I’m sorry the price is so high, but I put a hell of a lot of time and research into this project, plus I have no advertising to offset printing and postage costs.

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Copyright (c) Robin Banks, 2000.

This publication is only copyrighted to prevent thievery by corporations and unscrupulous individuals. It may not be reproduced by any corporate entity or anyone who seeks to make a profit from it. This book may be reproduced in its entirety by independent, DIY non-profit organizations as long as not a single word is excluded, added or altered.

Second edition released in March 2000 by Robin Banks for the Bloodpact CD.