The Hardcore/Punk Guide To Christianity

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2. Limits

There are limits to the scope of my argument, as I cannot possibly hope to address every single issue involved in criticizing Christianity. My focus will be on Christianity, its tenets, and its intersection with hc/punk. I will not deal specifically with theism in general or Judaism, Islam, Krishna, Wicca, or any other religion in particular — not because they do not deserve criticism, but because my expertise does not lie in those areas. Other religions (indeed, all doctrines and ideologies!) should be treated with the same amount of skepticism as I have applied to Christianity.

When I originally started working on this project, I had intended to refute the common arguments for the existence of god(s), but once I was about three-fourths of the way through that section I realized that it was far too lengthy and complex to include here. When I quit working on it, it was five pages long, single-spaced, 10 point type. Perhaps I’ll publish that as a separate project.