The Hardcore/Punk Guide To Christianity

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Bibliography and Sources
The Atheist Debater’s Handbook, B. C. Johnson
Atheism: The Case Against God, George H. Smith
Critiques of God, edited by Peter A. Angeles
Ken’s Guide to the Bible, Ken Smith
The Anti-Christ, Friedrich Nietzsche
Fundamentalism Is Nonsense, Jim Lippard
Harbinger and Inside Front, published by CrimethInc
HeartattaCk, published by Ebullition
and of course the Christian Bible!

Music & Zines Cited
All of these are highly recommended by the author.
Catharsis: “… And God Against Them All” from the Samsara CD
HeartattaCk: from issue 22, part one of two women’s issues.
Hedge: “Bible on the Floor” from the Every Blessing is a Curse CD
Drop Dead: “Bullshit Tradition” from the Eventual Result seven inch
Ulcer: “Morality” from the split seven inch with Failure Face
Chokehold: “Tooth and Nail” from the Content with Dying CD

More Good Quotes from HC/Punk Bands
“Wasting away/A life spent boiled/by fear and death/and Christian turmoil … and what remains?/A decaying body/a brainwashed mind.” — His Hero is Gone, “Becoming Soil”
“Icons of a cruel and fictitious god impregnating minds with a lustful theology of blind obedience …” — Assück, “Dogmatic”
“I’m not related to the guilty flesh that repents/I turn my back on the burning heart that farts obedience.” — Born Against, “Organ of Hope”
“You call it religion/You’re full of shit.” — Minor Threat, “Filler”
“I will not worship in your death church.” — By the Grace of God, “Little Idea”