Little Heart Records Showcase

August 17th, 2011


Little Heart Records

Little Heart Records

Little Heart Records and Ear X-Tacy are teaming up for a showcase of the LHR band family.


Skyscraper Stereo, Late Ones, Uh Huh Baby Yeah, and Talk Of Spring

Saturday, September 3rd @ Ear X-Tacy. 7pm,


(Via Puckett): The two showcase shows coming up (Cahoots on August 20th and Ear X-Tacy on September 3rd) are us showing off our diverse line up of acts and sounds. We’ve got hip hop, dance rock, pop punk… and we are super stoked that Ear X-Tacy and Cahoots were down for sharing it with everyone.
Skyscraper Stereo, Late Ones and Uh-Huh Baby Yeah are playing both events. Cahoots has The Codas opening and will be the release party for Late Ones’ ‘nailbiter.’ Talk of Spring opens the Ear X-Tacy show.

Also, one or both of these shows might have a special surprise. We’ve got something cooking, but I don’t want to ruin it!

I think you know what to do…

August 4th, 2011



Coliseum, Xerxes, Brain Trust at Ear X-Tacy

August 3rd, 2011
Coliseum, Xerxes, Brain Trust

Coliseum, Xerxes, Brain Trust

Ear X-Tacy has another great show coming this Saturday-

Coliseum, Xerxes, and Brain Trust

Saturday, August 6th. Doors at 8:30pm, Rock at 9:00pm
ear X-tacy Records (2226 Bardstown Rd.)
$6.00 will get you in and remember – ALL AGES

Another Mistake news

July 31st, 2011
Gateway Fest 2011 Poster

Gateway Fest 2011 Poster

Hello everyone,

Weve been quiet the last couple of months tuckered away at our practice spot working on a new record. We just finished recorded an 8 song 7″ and an exclusive song for volume 2 of the Casa De Diversion comp put out by Toxicbreed. The EP is 8 songs in the vein of Right Brigade/American Nightmare and features guest spots from Chris from Written Off, Steve from Breather Resist/Pusher, Moe from Damaged Goods and Jim from Overrule.

Like Glue Records from Tennessee will be putting out the record and pre-orders for the 7″ will be up shortly along with the final press of our 2011 demo. There will be 3 color variations of the record and one will be exclusive to the webstore. Check out Like Glue here… and on Facebook.

We will also be playing the return of the Gateway to the West fest in St Louis. The lineup for this is awesome and is a great sampling of bands from all over the Midwest and the rest of the country.

We’ll have copies of the new record available at the fest along with a new t-shirt designed by Ryan Patterson (Coliseum, Black Cross) that were pretty excited about. Its a nod to both My Bloody Valentine and one of my favorite Mario Bava films, you’ll dig it.
If you havent heard us, check us out on facebook under the name Another Mistake or on our blogspot that is in dire need of an update We also have shirts for sale at Also, mark your calendars because we’ll be having a record release show at Chestnut on September 16th. We’ll have special covers for the new record, new shirts, and some other cool shit. The details for that wil be out shortly.


2011 demo-

2010 demo-


-Keith Lucius

Do It For Your Friends Fest

June 18th, 2011