Krazy Fest 2011

January 4th, 2011

2010 was a hell of a year for shows. 2011 has a lot to live up to, but it stands a chance with the impending return of Krazy Fest. The dates have been set (May 20-22nd, 2011), 2 stages at Expo 5 have been confirmed, and some of the first band announcements should come very soon.

Krazy Fest 2011

Krazy Fest 2011

RIP Skull Alley

January 1st, 2011

RIP Skull Alley, 2008-2010

LHxC site updates

December 27th, 2010
LHxC Flyer Archive

LHxC Flyer Archive

The flyer archive has been updated with over 200 more flyers in the past week. And I have at least another 200 to scan this week. So if you have some down time this holiday week, jump in and check out the artwork and see all the shows you may have caught or missed. Right now, the flyer archive is right around 1300 flyers. That’s a lot of shows.

Also, the history section should be completely operational now after a few database problems and an outdated software installation. Everything has been upgraded to the current mediawiki version. Hit the contact page if anything is still messed up. This week will see some more formatting updates as well as an attempt to integrate an easy to use WYSIWYG editor so you can edit entries without having to learn the wiki-code. Just a reminder – anyone can add things to the history, and if there’s something wrong or misleading in there, you can update it. Unfortunately I don’t have time to police all the entries, and didn’t write everything in there, so sending me emails calling me names isn’t going to motivate me to help you much.

Also hoping to put in a new site-wide search utility in the next week to make searches of the forums/history/blog a little easier and centralized. Maybe a photo/flyer retrospective for Skull Alley just in time for the LAST SHOW this coming Friday evening (New Year’s Eve). Dress formal, in a costume, wear a fishbowl filled with piss on your head, do something weird and come out for it.

New Ear X-Tacy hardcore/punk records

December 10th, 2010

Ear X-Tacy is working on doing a more focused job of carrying records that you guys may be into. Here’s a partial list of some of the releases they’ve just received in the past few days. Stop by to check out more!

New shipment from Revelation Records just arrived! Lemuria 7″s, Converge LPs, Memphis May Fire CD, V/A – Past Present LP, Have Heart LP, Integrity Colored 7″, Stay Ahead of the Weather 7″, Movielife LP, Youth Crew 010 7″, F*ucked Up 7″, Narrows 7″, Rival Mob 7″, Skeletonwitch 7″, Disfear 7″, Vervain 7″, Harms Way LP, + many more! Also — next week the OFF! First 4 EPs Box Set (7″ Only) comes out next week. Call to pre-order yours today! (502) 452-1799

I was up there last night and grabbed the (apparent) last copy of Shedding‘s new 12″ entitled Tear In The Sun, out on Hometapes, but there should be more for your listening pleasure soon. Also, Integrity‘s We Are The End 7″ on Magic Bullet and the Slint 33 1/3 book. The Web Fruit Bat Republic CD is for sale for $1.99 as is the Sean Garrison & The Five Finger Discount Against All Flags CD on Ear X/Louisville Lip. Pick some of this stuff up.

Local Hardcore Demos and Splits

November 6th, 2010

If you aren’t on Facebook – or aren’t e-friends with the “right” people, you may have missed these downloads. The kids are spreading them around like wildfire, so I’m posting up here to let the old folks and the non-FB pals check out the bands to. If you’re into any of this stuff, come down to a show these bands are playing and pick up the real deal (even if it’s a CD-R). None of these bands are selling their wares for a crazy expensive price – you can most likely afford $3-$5. Some of these songs are out on cassettes or CDs, some are going to be released on vinyl with more songs. I may have posted some of this stuff before here, but not all of it.

New Skinwalkers recordings

1 Written Off song from the forthcoming Louisville Hardcore tape comp from Living Touch Records

Written Off – Louisville Straight Edge demo (Living Touch)

1 Another Mistake song from the same comp as above

Another Mistake – Life’s Noose (Living Touch Records)

The New Mexico / Evil Grimace split

Mustangs, Evil Grimace and much more (think I posted this before)

2 songs from Xerxes‘ upcoming 7″ Homeward Carries No Direction

Overrule 2010 demo (Living Touch Records)

Lay Down & Die demo

Damaged Goods 2010 demo (Living Touch Records)

If I missed any bands that wanted to be in this post, sorry but I didn’t know about your stuff. Hit me up and I’ll add you in next time.