Shows tonight

November 4th, 2010

If you aren’t going to Keswick Democratic to see Old Vikings, Swift Turtle, and a bunch of touring bands tonight, head down to Skull Alley and see Defeater. Das ist alles.

Old Vikings, Full Of Hell, Imbroglio, Hercules, Agress, Swift Turtle (DOORS RIGHT NOW)

Defeater, Make Do and Mend, Living With Lions, All Teeth, The New Mexico, Oso (doors at 7pm)

Should I have made this post before 6pm on the day of the shows? Yup. Without a doubt. Whoops.

Mega Rad Fest/Birthday Show

October 12th, 2010

There are two shows coming up this weekend that should be good times:


MEga Rad Fest 2010

Mega Rad Fest 2010

Put on by some of the younger crew, this backyard bonanza should get the neighbors pissed. It’s only $2 and will run basically 2-9pm on Saturday.

Swift Turtle – Hardcore/Thrash
Castle – Lovey Dovey/Acoustic
xBLACK BELTx – Hardcore/Thrash
Pleasant Nightmare – Punk/Hardcore
Great Scots – Punk/Folk
Poetic Composition – Lyrical/Rap
Minotaurs – Instrumental/Math
KyX – Rap
Pumpkin Deathbelt -Experimental/Punk
Pappy and the Drool Monkeys – Rock/Classic
Authority Over Death – Metal
Change For A Twenty – Alternative/Rock
Six Foot Fall – Alternative/Metal
Through Desolate Eyes – Death Metal/Hardcore
the Pseudo-Saints – Experimental
Matt Clemons – Hip Hop/Slug
Fresh Fit Riot – Hip Hop/Pop
Flat Lick – Alternative Rock

Duncan’t’s’ Birthday Show:

Duncan Birthday Show 2010

Duncan Birthday Show 2010

Duncan Cherry has a birthday bash going on at Skull Alley also on Saturday. Doors at 6:30pm, $5. From the flyer: “Stage Dives Mandatory, Root Beer Keg”

The New Mexico
Mister Grimace (alternate Evil Grimace lineup)
Late Ones
Damaged Goods
Years At Sea

(sorry, Automatic dropped off. disregard shows, aquire currency.)

Shipping News – One Less Heartless to Fear

October 11th, 2010

via your friendly neighborhood Noise Pollution:

The new Shipping News CD “One Less Heartless to Fear” is now available for pre-order. All pre-ordered copies will be mailed out in advance of the official release date (November 9th). Use the link below to pre-order the CD for only $12.

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Bu Hao Ting – Pervertigo

October 7th, 2010

“Bu Hao Ting released its album at Skull Alley a couple of weeks ago. They are Louisville’s only thrash band. You can stream songs from the album here:

Pervertigo was recorded by Chris Owens at Headbanging Kill Yo Mamma Music and released on Daikaiju’s label, Ding Dong Records. You can purchase the CD (pleaseohpleaseohplease) at Underground Sounds, or download the album in high quality for a low price from our bandcamp.

Features ex-members of Pocket Bomb, Vampire Squid, and Mobile Feast Utopia.”

Parlour – Simulacrenfield CD/vinyl

September 24th, 2010
Parlour - Simulacrenfield. Cover art by David Ellis

Parlour - Simulacrenfield. Cover art by David Ellis

Parlour is releasing a new record entitled “Simulacrenfield” on Temporary Residence. They are a lot better at describing things and being verbose than I am, so why don’t you just read what they wrote about the record:

Simulacrenfield rearranges the vision set forth in previous Parlour releases, utilizing the septet for all it’s worth. The songs are tighter, heavier, and more melodically complex than ever before – no doubt partly contributed to the addition of Jon Cook (Crain, Rodan) on drums, and Breck Pipes (Cerebellum) on guitar. Furnish, Cook and Pipes – along with longtime Parlour member Steve Good (The Web, Sapat) – have a rich and storied musical history, having played in bands together in their hometown of Louisville, KY since the late 1980s. That familiarity and inherent musical dialogue with one another can be heard throughout Simulacrenfield; the rhythm section in a tight pocket while the guitars, keyboards and brass section trade sharp melodies and chugging riffs. Imagine a heavier, more disturbing Neu! with more unexpected twists and turns (and that’s just the jumping-off point).”

1. Destruction Paper
2. Camus
3. Jalepenooptics
4. Wedder
5. Simulacrenfield
6. Carrier
7. Sea of Bubbly Goo

You can purchase the record at Ear X-Tacy or on Temp Res’ site.