Maurice reunion!?

February 8th, 2010
Maurice Logo


Apparently it’s been going around on the Facebooks for a week, but there is major word of a Maurice/Bush League/who the fuck knows who else reunion. According to Garrison, “I would also like to see Malignant Growth/Fading Out as the headlining act of this show.” and “Right now the opening bands are looking like Bush League and Muddy Nasty River. I would like to see Sancred, Erchint or Mr. Big for the additional opening spots. ” This would be a reunion to help Jason Noble. New Maurice shirts should be coming soon to help raise some money for Jason as well as raise some money to bring David Pajo in town for the show.  All I have to say is holy shit. That, and I owe Ben Parrot a dollar.

Converge returns to Louisville

February 6th, 2010

I know a bunch of you guys are going to flip your shitwigs (thanks mr. bailey). If nothing else, make sure to check out Black Breath! Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Coalesce will be on our date, hopefully they’ll be playing in town this year though.

Converge 2010 tour

Converge 2010 tour

05/07: Cleveland, OH @ Grog Shop w/ Lewd Acts, Black Breath
05/08: Detroit, MI @ Magic Stick w/ Lewd Acts, Black Breath, and more
05/09: Chicago, IL @ Bottom Lounge w/ Lewd Acts, Black Breath, and more
05/10: Lawrence, KS @ Bottleneck w/ Coalesce, Lewd Acts, Black Breath
05/11: Denver, CO @ Marquis Theatre w/ Coalesce, Lewd Acts, Black Breath
05/13: Seattle, WA @ Neumo’s w/ Coalesce, Lewd Acts, Black Breath
05/14: Portland, OR @ Satyricon w/ Coalesce, Gaza, Lewd Acts, Black Breath
05/15: San Francisco, CA @ Slim’s w/ Coalesce, Lewd Acts, Black Breath
05/16: CA @ TBA w/ TBA
05/17: Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction w/ Coalesce, Gaza, Lewd Acts, Black Breath
05/18: Los Angeles, CA @ El Rey Theatre w/ Coalesce, Gaza, Lewd Acts, Black Breath
05/19: Tempe, AZ @ The Clubhouse w/ Coalesce, Gaza, Lewd Acts, Black Breath
05/21: Austin, TX @ Emo’s w/ Coalesce, Gaza, Lewd Acts, Black Breath
05/22: TX @ TBA w/ TBA
05/23: Tulsa, OK @ The Marquee w/ Gaza, Lewd Acts, Black Breath
05/25: Memphis, TN @ The Hi Tone w/ Gaza, Lewd Acts, Black Breath
05/26: Louisville, KY @ TBA w/ Gaza, Lewd Acts, Black Breath
05/27: Nashville, TN @ Rockettown w/ Harvey Milk, Gaza, Lewd Acts, Black Breath
05/28: Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade w/ Harvey Milk, Gaza, Lewd Acts, Black Breath
05/29: North Carolina @ TBA w/ Harvey Milk, Gaza, Lewd Acts, Black Breath
05/30: Baltimore, MD @ Maryland Deathfest w/ Entombed, Obituary, 16, and more

State Champion – Stale Champagne

February 4th, 2010
State Champion - Stale Champagne

State Champion - Stale Champagne

State Champion’s new 12″ record entitled Stale Champagne is out now. Locally it is available at Ear X-Tacy and Underground Sounds, as well as through the Sophomore Lounge and Robotic Empire webstores (and a lot more stores and cities. Ryan will write em out if you readers want).

Limited edition pressing of 500. Fancy packaging. Vinyl-only, but it comes with a CD insert for the turntabley-challenged.

State Champion is: Ryan Davis (vocals/guitar/piano/etc.) Aaron Osbourne (drums) Mikie Poland (bass)
Sabrina Rush (violin/mandolin/banjo) w/ additional vocal contributions by Lindsay Powell

Produced/ Mixed: Christopher Browder,  Mastered: Paul Oldham

1. Thanks Given (4:49) 2. Keeping Time (5:34) 3. Bite the Dust (4:06) 4. Come See What I Have Done (4:35) 5. Help Me Sing (4:32) 6. The World Don’t Need Me Around Much Anymore (4:46) 7. Just an Answer (5:30) 8. The Years (6:16)

Polite Weirdo, Rebaba Group show

February 4th, 2010

From Dave via the forums:

“Five months after losing our dear brother, Rude Weirdo will return on February 27th. But you can call us Polite Weirdo for this one. See we got asked to play the Rainbow Spiritual Education Center’s “Coffeehouse Night”. They’re really nice people, but they do drum circles and things of that nature. They have no fucking idea. Also, Jason and Eric want to take this opportunity to bring their kids. So no cussing for us, which is a very real challenge with this material. All the songs are still about dirty sex and retarded people and revenge.

Also playing will be a very stripped down version of The Rebaba Group, which, with the exception of myself, is composed entirely of Sudanese refugees. The rebaba is the instrument that they build and play. It’s kind of like a krar if you’re familiar with those. Like a cross between a banjo and a harp. If you consider yourself hardcore, talk to these guys for 10 minutes and you’ll realize that you’re not. They are also some of the most beautiful and inviting people I’ve ever come into contact with, and I am beyond honored to be playing with them. You should come just to meet them. You’ll be better for it, I swear. I played a show with them in Indy and there was like 30 of them singing and dancing, but it’ll just be a couple of the guys and me for this one. I am VERY excited about this show. It has the potential to be genuinely surreal. You should come.

February 27th
The Rainbow Spiritual Education Center (It’s located in the Pfeiffer Building. 2701 Lindsay Ave. Right off of Hite. Google Map it maybe.)
All ages
The cover will be, in the words of the Rainbows, a “Love Offering”. I think that means you give what you can.
No booze or drugs please, we’re trying to be Polite after all. We’ll hit the bar after.”

Circle X 12″ repressed, 7″ on the way

February 4th, 2010

CIRCLE X – s/t 12” (Insolito Records)

Formed 1978 in New York, Circle X was born out of the ashes of No Fun and the I-Holes as Louisville’s first punk rock band.

Once the lineup of Circle X solidified, the formerly-punk band lunged headfirst into weirder, artier territory. Whether the big city’s burgeoning No Wave scene influenced Circle X or they influenced the scene is unclear; what is clear, though, is that Circle X was the most unique, most mysterious, and most un-heralded band hailing from that place and time.

In France for nine months with new manager Bernard Zekri, Circle X toured from their base in Dijon, garnering strong press and stronger public reaction while writing new material as they went. An untitled four-song EP saw the light of day in 1979.

That untitled 12-inch debut was practically without antecedent. It’s a lurching, squalling monster. Identified only by a symbol on the cover (a spray-painted circle with an “X” through it; the spelled-out name first appeared in ’83), it pits Pinotti’s screeched vocals against Witsiepe and the Letendres’ bass-less, barely contained distorto-blare. The hatred and rage on this thing is palpable and when it coalesces perfectly with the music, as it does on the lead track, Tender, it’s pretty damn effective. Nothing sounded like this in 1979.

They arrived in New York at the tail end of No Wave, at the same time that equally ornery bands like Swans and Sonic Youth were getting revved up. Circle X are every bit as distinctive and attitudinal as Throbbing Gristle, PiL, Theoretical Girls, DNA, or Mars, yet they don’t much sound like any of them.

We proudly represent this masterpiece after thirty years again for the public. It has lost none of its intensity and rage. Limited to 500 copies, it’s on 180 gram vinyl in tip-on jackets that bear the original artwork and poly lined black inner sleeve plus liner notes.

Contact : Insolito Records, PF 540115, 10042 Berlin, Germany