New shirts finally on the way

February 18th, 2010

A number of you have been asking me about Louisville Hardcore shirts for the past… 3-4 years. And some of you don’t care, and fuck you. I said I would finally get down to it in November 2009, and didn’t. Well, your fashion sensibilities can rejoice because at March’s First Saturday show at Skull Alley, new shirts should be available for $10. Proceeds will go to paying the hosting cost for the site as well as hopefully buying (non)dead hookers for Adam Rains. All shirts printed by Skull Alley on labor-friendly shirts and do not contain sequins or recycled bible pages. For that matter, they will not fit inside a toaster. They will help mop up spilt coffee, but I don’t make any claim of their ability to turn you invisible.

This will be the initial run of LHxC shirts in these colors and may be limited to just this run, we’ll see. I’ll look to trying to keep these in stock for now on either way. But if you aren’t into the straight typography thing, and you still would like to either have something that says “Louisville” or support this site, I’m announcing that over the Summer and Fall, there will be low-run shirts by some of Louisville’s punk/hardcore artists. The first two shirts will be coming in around May/July and will feature Justin Kamerer (aka Angryblue) and Stan Doll (aka CSDIV). There will be 2 more artists announced later. I’m likely going to get them to do 2-color shirts and those will probably go for around $12 apiece, or you can sacrifice your first born. These shirts will also debut at a First Saturday show, then available later on at Skull Alley or on the online Louisville Hardcore shop. Thanks for reading this and (not) posting follow up photos of Goatse.

A note from Ear X-Tacy

February 15th, 2010
Ear X-Tacy

Ear X-Tacy

From today’s Ear X-Tacy newsletter:
“Dear friends, fans and lovers of ear X-tacy.

Thank you for dropping the LOVE BOMB on us. All of us at ear X-tacy have been TOTALLY blown away by your outpouring of support, well-wishes, ideas, suggestions and comments. We really had no idea just how much this meant to the Louisville community, not to mention other cities around the country through their online support. This past weekend, we saw business like we haven’t seen in years, and we can’t thank you enough for coming in and shopping, or making an online purchase. We were absolutely NOT prepared for your support. We are working to restock the store with everything you want that we may be out of today. Hang in there with us. We are going to do whatever it takes to keep ear X-tacy alive. You have show that you really do care, and all we can ask is that you continue to support local independent businesses wherever you may live. Trust me, this problem is not just ear X-tacy’s. ALL small businesses need you now more than ever. Please continue to spread the word about ear X-tacy. Sign up for our weekly e-mail if you haven’t already. Come to the store if you never have.

This store truly belongs to the community, both here in Louisville, and nationwide.

We thank ALL of you, and we send out extra special love to Becca Barhorst who took it upon herself to start the “Save ear X-tacy” Facebook initiative. Send her some love!

Stay tuned.. there’s a LOT more to come.
John Timmons and the entire ear X-tacy family”

Mountain Asleep 3yr anniversary show changed

February 9th, 2010
Jake of Mountain Asleep getting a friendly whoopin'

Jake getting a friendly whoopin'

Mountain Asleep has had to cancel their 3 year anniversary show scheduled for February 27th at the House Of Wax. Max’s mom is getting married that day, and kinda can’t play the show. Soooo… the rest of the show is now off as well.

MA should now be celebrating the anniversary a week later at the March First Saturday show w/ ALGERNON CADWALLADER (philly) and Wise Blood (1st show, louisville band). Bring balloons and throw a pie into Jake Snider’s face (and/or weiner).

Possible Ear X-Tacy closure?

February 9th, 2010

Ear X-Tacy

yes, it’s a bit of an alarmist title – After John Timmons sent out a press release, there’s been a flury of activity fearing that on Friday morning, Ear x-Tacy will be facing a major shakeup. At 10AM on Friday, John and staff will host a press conference at the 10,000sq ft  store to announce future plans. Hopefully (though regrettably), we’ll just see the Bardstown Rd. landmark restructure and maybe move and not lose this valuable institution. Their current lease is apparently up in March, so let’s hope they’re just moving. It’ll be a shame to see that space cut up and turned into something else though.

A number of people around the punk/hardcore scene have complained a lot about the place in recent years. “They don’t have any good hardcore” “All the punk stuff is the same stuff from 10 years ago”. If you value having a local store of this type then get in there and ask for things. They’ve always been down to order records for you. (Well, maybe not something like Skrewdriver, but be realistic.) I know you can buy the new Municipal Waste in there as well as that Trapped Under Ice record you’ve been looking for. Looking for Future Of The Left, Massive Attack, Nile, or Integrity’s Walpurgisnacht record from last year? Get down there and pick it up. (yes, I just pulled that list out of my ass) As stated in the press release, “I think the store is a place that makes Louisvillian’s proud.  It’s been a community effort to build it and it’s going to take a community to sustain it.”

For more news, please see the following sources:

Center map

Mr. Underhill comes back from the shire

February 9th, 2010
Mr. Underhill logo

Mr. Underhill

These guys were bastions of Hobbit culture before Elijah Wood had ever heard of furry feet. And they’re going to be bringing their bollocks back to your ears this April. Keep your eye out for date, time, and venue.

Check out their site for Video, Audio downloads, and long-lost photos!