Karate Body news

January 6th, 2010

Here’s some news from the Karate Body family:

For all of January, to celebrate Karate Body‘s first birthday, we’re offering 20 percent off all vinyl and free shipping for all U.S. orders.

Phantom Family Halo’s double LP, Monoliths & These Flowers Never Die, has been released this week in Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands via Mandai Distribution.

In Louisville, copies are available at ear X-tacy, Underground Sounds, Skull Alley and Half-Price Books. Each double LP comes with a free download of the entire album.

Egret CD release show

January 5th, 2010

Egret (ex-Nice People and much more) will be releasing their new full-length “Bright Up There!” on FRiday, January 15th at Skull Alley. The show will also feature Supertruck and Mt. Asiago (who may have a new cassette available?). Show starts at 8pm, cost is $5.

Pad Tight show change

January 5th, 2010

Via Eric – “The show is now longer at Pad Tight. It has been moved to Ray’s Monkey House (1578 Bardstown Road). Sorry for the late notice, this just happened. I was unable to find a PA for the house and I don’t have any money to pay any possible fines.

The show is 2 or 3 dollars, whatever you got. Nobody will be turned down for lack of funds. But we need the money to help Bearings get to the next date of their tour. Don’t be a dick, be a dude.

The show still starts at 5. The show is still gonna be fucking tight.

Bands bring normal equipment. Feel free to call me at 593-4314


Metroschifter/Noise Pollution News

January 5th, 2010

From NP:

METROSCHIFTER will be playing their first Louisville show in a year this Saturday (January 9th).  This is also their first U.S. date since the completion of their recent European tour.  Expect all the hits from their storied 15 year career (convientiently documented on Whatever’s Wrong With Me is Here to Stay) as well as new awesomeness from their most recent album Carbonistas.

Also on the bill will be SECOND STORY MAN who will be supporting their brand new full length Screaming Secrets which will be available at the show on both CD and LP.  FRONTIER(S) (which if you’re unfamiliar features Chris Higdon of Elliott fame) will round things out.
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Crapshoot: Louisville Labels Bet Against the Odds

January 4th, 2010

Kevin Gibson has written an article over on the Louisville Music News site that covers some of Louisville’s indie labels and a list of some of the active labels. Check it out when you have a chance.