The Action Pack – interview and house show

December 5th, 2009

There’s a new ska band in town. Srry Mike G. December16th20092

Anyway, they are called The Action Pack, and they want you to come out for a pot luck/house show on Wednesday, December 16th, 2009. They’ll be playing with Houses In Motion, Fork In Socket, and The Wax Intellectual. It starts at 5pm, and will cost you the gift of grub. So bring a dish (vegan or non-vegan, so it can be just about anything) and hang out. Give em a call for directions or plug the address on the flyer into Google Maps or something.

Back to The Action Pack for a minute… I did a short interview with Nick Haynes earlier this afternoon to help promote the band and the show, so click “read more” and… read… more?

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Show updates/corrections

December 4th, 2009

I incorrectly reported that the Buo Hao Ting/Spooky Q’s show at Seidenfaden’s was to take place on Saturday night after the SSM/SA’s/SC show, but it has been revealed to me (via crystal forum ball) that the show is actually TONIGHT (Friday). $10pm, $5.

Also, there are a number of flyers out for the Skull Alley show on December 15th that don’t have the date on them. John is making some new ones, especially now that Where We Live dropped off (but will be playing in January when Ben gets a venue so you can still catch ’em). Everyone else is still playing (Man Overboard/Totem Spirit Fox), and The New Mexico may jump on.

Also, please check the upcoming shows forum, as there are some quality bands looking for shows coming up. Someone plz help ’em out (especially Another Breath on Jan 5th or whatever it says on the forum)

Coliseum/Young Widows News

December 3rd, 2009

From Ryan:
Hello all, a couple of quick updates from our camp.

YOUNG WIDOWS‘ Settle Down City LP has finally been reissued on Auxiliary with new artwork and colored vinyl. This was Widows’ debut record and we’re glad to have it back in print after being unavailable for a couple of years. YOUNG WIDOWS are finishing up their massive North American tour with Russian Circles next week, catch them if you can. The LP is currently available only from the band on tour and direct from us at

COLISEUM will be heading up to New York and Philadelphia just before New Year’s for a couple of awesome year-end shows. On Dec. 29th we’ll play Kung-Fu Necktie in Philadelphia with Gods & Queens and We Thieves (apparently including former members of the almighty Ink & Dagger?), then on Dec 30th we’ll join Coalesce at Europa in Brooklyn for an undoubtedly incredible night. After getting wild in NYC for a couple of days, we’ll return home with an appearance at Louisville’s Skull Alley, kicking off their new monthly show series… With recording dates for our third album following soon after. Read the rest of this entry »

Shows this weekend (and more)

December 2nd, 2009

Skull Alley has some circle pits, side-to-sides, and singalongs for your ass Thursday night: Outbreak, Soul Control, Xerxes, and The New Mexico. 6:30pm, $5 (yeah, thursday isn’t the weekend, eat shit)

Friday night sees Eye Vs The Sky, Ashes Of Eden, Breaking Stride, Remember Me Always up at Skull Alley 7pm, $7.

Saturday night will see a hell of a show – from Noise Pollution:
“Second Story Man will be releasing their newest album “Screaming Secrets” on CD and LP this Saturday (December 5th) at Skull Alley (1017 East Broadway). Doors at 8pm, music at 9pm. $5. All ages. SSM will be playing “Screaming Secrets” in its entirety including all the guest musicians that played on the album. Opening will be Straight A’s and Softcheque.” What isn’t mentioned is that Straight A’s have some surprises in store. Do not miss.

After that show, there’s an afterparty with Buo Hao Ting and Spooky Q’s at Seidenfaden’s on Breckinridge Street (not Breckinridge Lane). No idea what the cover is.

Sunday, you can stay home and do your dirty ass laundry and bake a cake.

Lords/Karysun split 10″

November 5th, 2009

Pre orders are now available for the LORDS/Karysun split 10″:

The LORDS side has 2 new songs and 3 thrashed out covers of Young Widows “The Guitar”, Nazareth “Hair of the dog” and Kinghorse “Clayfist”.

Also available – Limited Edition LORDS “Fuck All Y’all Mother Fuckers” LP with an unreleased bonus track: