Tony Bailey Memorial

October 1st, 2009

Taken from Skull Alley

A memorial gathering for Anthony J. Bailey will be held this Sunday, October 4th from 6pm to 10pm at Skull Alley, 1017 E. Broadway, Louisville, KY

There will be an opportunity to share your stories and memories, aloud or on paper. If you cannot attend and would like something read, please Email it to fncyatb at gmail dot com All are encouraged to bring finger/appetizer type foods. No alcohol/beer will be served and none may be brought in. Beverages will be provided by Skull Alley.

Your favorite pictures of Tony are wanted and needed for a slide show, send them to fncyatb at gmail dot com


Personal Note:
( Close friends of Tony’s arranged this memorial at Skull Alley, and it is happening on 10/4, regardless of anything else that may or may not pop up. This is for anyone who knew and loved Tony. Despite some of our personal feelings about sharing grief with distant acquaintances, by all means, if you knew him and were touched by him, feel free to come out.
Skull Alley is hosting this on their own time and dime and NO SOLICITATIONS ARE BEING MADE FOR DONATIONS OF ANY SORT. )

Jen Futrell memorial

September 22nd, 2009

From Jess Cox –

“September 30th marks one year since Louisville native and rock n’ roller Jen Futrell was killed on her bicycle. In remembrance of her life and others’ that have been killed on the road as pedestrians or cyclists there will be a day of food and biking. The Down Home Hospitality Cafe, Jen’s traveling kitchen, will host a potluck at 4 pm in Tyler Park. At 6pm we will leave Tyler Park and ride touring the sites of downed cyclists and pedestrians. There will be one person dressed in white for each person that was killed as a pedestrian or cyclist this year and last. At 7pm we will end at Jen’s ghost bike across from Wild and Wooly Video and there we will hold a vigil. Please come and join us. Feel free to bring food, white clothing, or candles. Mostly we just want you to bring yourself. “

Evergreen Vids and more

September 7th, 2009

If you missed the Evergreen/Cinderblock Redux show this past weekend, several videos have been uploaded to YouTube:

More on Jeff’s YouTube channel.

And if you were wondering about the Millions, New Mexico, Fight Amp, Dark Overlords show, there are some pictures up at Flickr. millions_9509 12

HxC/Punk Guide to Christianity

September 1st, 2009

Since it was being raffled off at the Brother Doubt/Dark Overlords/Black Cloud show a little over a week ago, I figured I’d finally get the Hardcore/Punk Guide To Christianity put back up. I know that several other sites still have it available (and it did come with that Bloodpack CD.. like 10 years ago), but since it originated from Louisville, it deserves a spot here as well.

It’s not confirmed, but I hear that there may be some updates to the text in the future (straight from Robin Banks). If that happens, I’ll definitely post something here. If you are interested in having a print copy, the text is still available from places such as AK Press.

Pour Haus closed, shows moved

August 19th, 2009

I guess things got a little bit out of hand, and the Pour Haus closed down over the past weekend. But that won’t stop the show(s) from going on.

This Saturday’s show with The Olympia Three and You’re My Density has been moved to Uncle Pleasants (9pm/$5).

The Evergreen redux show & CD release has been moved to Uncle P’s as well – the lineup is the same and it’s Sept. 5th, 21+, $5, 10pm.