Metroschifter “Carbonistas” preview

April 1st, 2009

Metroschifter - Carbonistas ad

The almighty Noise Pollution has posted a track from Metroschifter’s new record “Carbonistas” on their facebook page, you can check out “Little Voice” right here.

This is their first release of new music in over eight years and comes in advance of their sixth tour of Europe scheduled for this fall. You can pre-order “Carbonistas” now at Pre-ordered copies will be personalized and delivered to your house in May before its actual release date.

New releases (april/march 09)

April 1st, 2009

A lot of these are little bit outside LHxC’s normal scope or focus for one reason or another, but so what. Go whine somewhere else. Like… the message boards.

Millions (Chicago) has a new record dropping TODAY Yesterday on 7th Rule Records. Entitled “Gather/Scatter”, it’s 8 tracks of what you want to hear if you want to hear loud, abrasive rock. Wow, how much more fucking vague can I be? This is why I don’t write reviews very often. Anyway……  Vocals are belted out by Louisvillian Corey Lyons (SHP, Bodyhammer) which is why I’m posting it here (and because he is all over the forums). Great bass tones on this record, btw. Catch these guys on Monday, Apr. 6th as they swing through on their way back from tour. They’ll probably be here later in the year again after their Euro tour. Read the rest of this entry »

Young Widows – Old Skin video

March 31st, 2009

As usual, since I don’t have a myspace, I don’t know what the fuck is going on… so when Young Widows posted their new video for Old Skin, I didn’t know. I’ve been waiting to post this thing up here.

Old Skin – Young Widows from J.J. Johnstone on Vimeo.

Rattletooth – New vocalist

March 23rd, 2009

For anyone that wasn’t at the show last Monday, Rattletooth has parted ways with Brendan and signed on Tyler Short (Python). He debuted at the Keswick show on a new song in the midst of a water and beer slip-n-slide. It didn’t take long for blood to get flowing as both singers hit the floor hard at several points and microphone mesh was cutting face flesh.
Duncan owes half the crowd $10 a piece for all of the groin punches that Brendan received.

Frontier(s) Records!

March 14th, 2009

According to Matt Weider, Frontier(s) has quite a bit going on here in 2009. This summer will see a debut 7″ on No Sleep Records. There will also be “a couple of” releases coming out thanks to the Area Rock Recording Co.
So keep your eyes open and pick this stuff up when it comes out. More info will surely be posted up when it becomes available.