Terrastock 7

May 13th, 2008

Louisville, KY – Terrastock brings its spirit of peace, love, and the indie rock underground to Louisville’s Mellwood Arts Center this June 19th thru 22nd. With artists like Mono, playing their one-and-only US date, as well as Louisville’s Tara Jane O’Neill and The Photographic, Terrastock 7 looks to be the one festival this summer swimming against the traditional music festival current.
Terrastock 7 lineup will include…

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April 29th, 2008

I’m gonna grab your attention real quick….
There’s a new band gearing up with members from several notable bands. Yeah, these days, what band doesn’t have a noticeable ex-members list, right? Well, most of those bands sucked. These guys’ bands didn’t.
So here’s to hoping that the premiere of Frontier(s), starring Chris Higdon (Vocals/Guitar), Eagle Barber (Drums), Matt Weider (Guitar), Brian Todd (Bass), is a smashing success.
You can catch them at The Pour Haus in Schnitzelburg on May 1st with The Fervor and Jake Winstrom, or on May 21st again at the Pour Haus with The Shipping News and Young Widows.

Frontier(s): Higdon, Weider, Barber, Todd.

Trophy Wives

March 28th, 2008

TROPHY WIVES, a new band featuring Billy Bisig (Wolverine Brass, Elliott, Lords), Tony Ash (Nixon, Coliseum), and Geoff Paton (Young Widows, Breather Resist) will be playing their first show on Friday, April 25 at Cahoots with Young Widows and the Hired Hand. The band has a couple of early demos on their Myspace page. The first was recorded by Chris Owens at Headbangin’ Kill Your Mama Studios and features Eric McManus on drums and Nick Bisig on second guitar. The other was recorded by Connor Bell and features Matt Jaha on guitar. Expect plenty of shows in the very near future.


March 6th, 2008

LORDSFuck All Y’all Motherfuckers” will be released June 24th on Black
Market Activities (Ed Gein, Cancer Bats, Backstabbers Inc….).
A split 7″ with Hamilton Ontario’s “Sailboats are white”
(www.myspace.com/sailboatsarewhite – check them out guys, they’re way cooler
than their name implies), featuring one new Lords song and “the most rediculous cover we’ve ever done…” will be available in April coinciding with
our Canadian tour.
Lords will also doing another split 7″ and tour with Suicide Note in June/July.
After having played more shows and on more recordings than any official
bass player in LORDS, Matt Jaha has joined the band for real this time.
Thats all for now. Word!

Young Widows news

February 2nd, 2008

Young Widows have signed to Temporary Residence Records. They will be putting out a new record in the fall, containing a mix of live and studio songs recorded by Kurt Ballou of God City.
For the live songs, Kurt will be recording 4 separate shows, and then the band will spend 8 days in his studio with him.