R.I.P. LAVA House

January 28th, 2008

As most of you may have heard by now, the LAVA House burned down over the weekend.
Everything was destroyed, and one resident, Bill Christie,lost his life due to the blaze. All other residents were evacuated safely. However, all of their belongings, as well as the studios of several other artists, were completely lost.
If anyone can help out with donations, help with a benefit, or anything else, please let Aron Conaway know.
View info/comments here for now.
edit: You can upload photos, add video links, or write recollections about the LAVA house here. The collective also has a posthumous website now up at http://www.lavahouse.org/

Noise Pollution 2008 news

January 12th, 2008

Louisville cult favorites The Teeth recently released their first full length CD, IN MINUTES, with us. As long time fans of the band we are greatly pleased to have them on the roster. Recently described in the LEO as “a post-proto-blast of uncomplicated rock ’n’ roll” which seems to be pretty right on. Check out the full review by following the link and scrolling down.

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Ides of March

January 3rd, 2008

2008 DC/RG Season Announcement

January 2nd, 2008

Louisville, KY – The Kentucky Exposition Center will never be the same once the Derby City Rollergirls break down the doors to unleash the 2008 season upon the great city of Louisville. Saturday February 2nd will find DCRG waging roller derby war against Evansville’s Rollergirls of Southern Indiana.

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First Scene Report of 2008

January 1st, 2008

Redhanded and Jack A Dull Boy have combined into a 7-man colossus called Brother Doubt. Yeah, named for the Kinghorse song. They played their first show at Crazy Feast! 07 a few weeks back. They will be recording w/ Syd Bishop soon, so keep your ears open.
And taking them on in the big band department is another Duncan Cherry band, alternatively known as ??? or Super Stoker. They played their first a few weeks back and will be crushing with a dual vocalist attack.
I could probably do an entire report just about Duncan…. he’s in another new band with Ella Lumpkins called Idle Heroes who will be playing their first show at Skull Mountain this coming weekend. His other other band, Head Above Water, just replaced drummer Matt “Party Man” O’Connel with art historian Cullen Clark, who plays too fast for old creaky man Eagle Barber. AND… Nice People is recording for a new demo and a 7″, when they aren’t busy parodying the Endpoint “My Friends Suck” t-shirts.
Jamie Prott’s new all-ages venue will hopefully be opening in the next couple of months. Named Skull Alley, it will live on in the memory of Dylan Prott. It will also be the new home of Alley Kat Screenprinting (who I recommend for vegan inks and union-made shirts). Expect an explosion of new bands and exciting new goings on when his landlord finishes the building upgrades.
Coliseum is finally back from Europe. Welcome back boys.

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