First Scene Report of 2008

January 1st, 2008

Redhanded and Jack A Dull Boy have combined into a 7-man colossus called Brother Doubt. Yeah, named for the Kinghorse song. They played their first show at Crazy Feast! 07 a few weeks back. They will be recording w/ Syd Bishop soon, so keep your ears open.
And taking them on in the big band department is another Duncan Cherry band, alternatively known as ??? or Super Stoker. They played their first a few weeks back and will be crushing with a dual vocalist attack.
I could probably do an entire report just about Duncan…. he’s in another new band with Ella Lumpkins called Idle Heroes who will be playing their first show at Skull Mountain this coming weekend. His other other band, Head Above Water, just replaced drummer Matt “Party Man” O’Connel with art historian Cullen Clark, who plays too fast for old creaky man Eagle Barber. AND… Nice People is recording for a new demo and a 7″, when they aren’t busy parodying the Endpoint “My Friends Suck” t-shirts.
Jamie Prott’s new all-ages venue will hopefully be opening in the next couple of months. Named Skull Alley, it will live on in the memory of Dylan Prott. It will also be the new home of Alley Kat Screenprinting (who I recommend for vegan inks and union-made shirts). Expect an explosion of new bands and exciting new goings on when his landlord finishes the building upgrades.
Coliseum is finally back from Europe. Welcome back boys.

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Noise Pollution 10 Year Anniversary Show

December 18th, 2007

Noise Pollution Records will be celebrating their 10 year anniversary with a show at Cahoots on Saturday, January 12. It will start at 10pm and will cost $5. Here’s the lineup:
OUT. simulacrum (Greg Livingston, Dave Bird, Tony Bailey, Matt Odenweller)
TYRONE (reunion)
Tyrone will also be releasing their previously unreleased second album that night, “Get the Spirit Before the Spirit Gets You.” On Noise Pollution, natch. The OUT. simulacrum will be performing songs from their old band OUT. with Dave Bird assuming vocal duties.

Old Louisville Radio on WFPK

December 5th, 2007

From Doug Maxson:

Many months in the making, Marion Dries at WFPK is beginning her new series “Louisville Punks: A Radio History” this very Thursday at 8pm. This is a 3-part series on the local ’78-84 heydays. This should be pretty cool & in depth, with lots of interviews and tons of music not on the Bold Beginnings disk. Just the sort of thing WFPK should have been doing 25 years ago but wasn’t.
December 6 – No Fun and The Babylon Dance Band with interviews from Tara Key, Tim Harris and Chip Nold.
December 13 – The Blinders, The Endtables, The Monsters and Skull Of Glee with interviews from Sandy “Fret Hondo” Campbell, Steve “Chili” Rigot and Wink O’Bannon.
December 20 – The Dickbrains, Orange Orange, Your Food, Strict-9 and interviews with Doug Maxson, Bryan Hurst, Jeff Jobson and the producers of the Bold Beginnings CD.

Crazy Feast!!!

November 24th, 2007

Crazy Feast (thanks Chris Owens) will happen on December 21st, 2007. This event, this show of shows if you will, is something you cannot miss.
For $15, you get 3-4 bands, all you can eat pizza and drinks, a free movie, $6.25 in tokens, and unlimited bumper cars.
The ragnarok will begin at 10pm, last until 1am, and then a mass exodus will take place to further gluttonize your body at Denny’s or the local bars.
The final band listing will be announced soon. You can pre-order tickets on the message board or by getting ahold of Jamie Miller. You don’t want to miss this.

Site Updates

November 24th, 2007

If anyone has problems accessing the History or Forums, here’s why:
The History has been plagued with spam for a while now. I’m updating the software to counteract this, and until it is finished, no one (admins excluded) can add/edit pages on there. Once the software updates are installed, the theme/look will be messed up until I can code a new look.
The Forums have a similar problem, where recent software updates didn’t work with the preexisting theme, so I’ll have to recode that as well.
Sorry for the inconvenience on your eyes.
Also, if this site is blocked at your work or school, you can use to get around the net nanny nonesense.