Bold Beginnings Available NOW!

May 24th, 2007

Bold Beginnings CD Artwork
As reported late last year/early this year on this site, and featured several weeks back in LEO, Noise Pollution has released Bold Beginnings: An Incomplete Collection of Louisville Punk 1978-1983. Featuring Malignant Growth, The Babylon Dance Band, The Endtables, No Fun, The Dickbrains, and several more, the CD is sure to become an important piece of Louisville’s punk/hardcore history.
Copies are available from Ear X-Tacy, Old Louisville Coffee Shop, and Noise Pollution’s website. More information about the project is available from said website at, and there is a myspace account set up for the CD at


May 22nd, 2007

*Metroschifter is playing a reunion show July 21st at The Rudyard Kipling. Tickets at in the near future.
*Swish is playing a reunion soon with Travis Case on bass in place of Dylan Prott. Hit the shows section of the message board now.
*Ganthet is also doing a reunion show this saturday. hit the board.
*The aforementioned board is upgraded and updated to provide a better forum-ing experience, and without the spam attacks of the past.


May 16th, 2007

As you can see, this site hasn’t been updated since January. There will probably be some design/content changes coming in the near future.
If you have been having trouble with logging on/signing up for the foums, I put in place several modifications to help cut down on spam attacks. It’s working great, but if you’re signing up, you’ll have to remember these rules:
1)You have to match the authentication code exactly – uppercase counts.
2)you can’t put where you’re from or a link to your site in your profile until you’ve had 5 posts
3)None of those posts can contain a link.
If you try any violating any of those rules, the board will automatically block you, your post, or just not let you sign up.

The Welfares

December 29th, 2006

Another new band has formed – ex Living Dead Brigade, Vagrants, and Coathangers. They’re probably better than your little brother’s shitty emo band.
Donnie Vagrant – Vocals
Daniel Stilbourne – Guitar, Vocals
Stevie Vagrant – Bass
Lefty – Drums, Vocals
Influences Screeching Weasel, the Vindictives, the Ramones, Blanks 77, the Lillingtons, high school, drugs/alcohol, our girlfriends.

Misc. news

December 27th, 2006

Misc. news… I’m probably going to leave a lot out since I don’t go to shows anymore. If you DO go to shows and would want to write stuff in this space, hit me up and let me know. Actually, if you go to a lot of shows and just want to take over the site, let me know that too.
*Pusher and Lords are going to throw some of their tour footage up on YouTube. A “trailer” of sorts can be found at
*The Brick House (which shouldn’t even be called that anymore) apparently struck a deal with it’s neighbors about doing shows. They’ve already started picking up some slack from OLCH*. I’m betting there’s some big drama of some kind soon though.
*Speaking of Old Louisville Coffee House, their court date is coming up soon (January 9th I believe). So hopefully all the BS with the dork neighbor will be cleared up soon. If you don’t recall, some guy moved next door and started calling the cops whenever there were shows.
*There have been several shows and whatnot in memorial of Dylan Prott, and there will be more. Check the message board for details.
*The Glasspack has their new record up for download via ITunes. The CD version isn’t out yet.
*Much to many’s joy and much to many’s dismay, the controversial Full Contact got a myspace and put songs up on it (including the “Hardcore Solution” song that a lot of people objected to back then, but probably COMPLETELY agree with now). I don’t know why, but I laughed my business off when I saw that.
*David Brooks & Evan Patterson have started a disc printing company. So your stuff doesn’t have to look like a turd.
*Speaking of David, he kinda likes Bocce ball, and his band – Panda – should have a new CD out in January (if it’s not already out or they didn’t break up).
*Sean Naamani (formerly of Ants in an argument) isn’t in the “news”, but his younger brother is in a punk band called the Cellophane Babies and will be playing their first show in January (check the shows page).
*Lloyd (from Lexington) is now actively setting up shows, so bug him for one, not me.
*I can’t remember if I mentioned it or not earlier, but Casket & Flower will have a CD coming out in late January/early February. It’s got some good stuff on it, definitely more of what I think this town needs to get kids excited about shows again (meaning gay dudes with beards of course).
*AYINDaisy sticks his manjunk in a light socket CD will be out soon on Shrodinger Records. No, that is not the real name. It’s called “Fear of Tigers” and will be in Ear X-Tacy, Underground Sounds, and more on Dec. 30th. Yeah, it’s no Judge, but it’ll probably be good.
*Squarewell has another CD coming out soon. Hit up the shows page to find out when and where their CD release show will be.
*The Human Torch was denied a bank loan.
*Some kids are starting a band called Ducket, and I have no idea what the deal is, so they’re probably pretty bad and stick midget fingers in their orifices.
*Black Ross.. er, Black Cross also has a full-length CD coming out sometime in 2007. Expect it to be slower and a less energetic if the live shows give a hint.
*I’m getting rid of some sections of the site and trying to make the shows page so that when you submit a show, it goes straight onto the page, thus rendering null the week-or-three lag between show submissions and me updating the page.
*Several people are in the process of working on getting DIY, all-age venues together. I’m not going to out them here and possibly disrupt their Flowery progress, but ask around and offer to help them out if you can so these types of projects don’t end up in a Casket.
*I’m a funny guy. Really.
*No one is on the “ban list” for the message board, so if someone tells you that they are, they are wrong or just not very bright.