Tiny Engines To Release New 7″ From Frontier(s)

March 26th, 2013

Tiny Engines (Dikembe, Restorations, Tigers Jaw) is excited to welcome Louisville, KY’s Frontier(s) to the family. The band will be recording 3-4 songs next week for a new 7″, to be released later this year on the Carolina-based label.

Frontier(s) features former Elliott / Falling Forward front man Chris Higdon and Matt Wieder (guitar) of Mouthpiece / The Enkindels. The new 7″ will follow up the band’s debut LP, There Will Be No Miracles Here, issued on Arena Rock and No Sleep in 2010. The band is set to record once again with Elliott / Wax Fang drummer Kevin Ratterman (My Morning Jacket, Young Widows, Coliseum) at La La Land Studios in the band’s hometown of Louisville, KY.

Much like the city it calls home, Frontier(s) is hopelessly Midwestern. Louisville never accepted east or west coast definitions of post-anything, and the quartet is no different. Serrating guitars, tightly wound bass, and dime-stop drums are the brick to Higdon’s mortar as he switches between airy tones and boot-shaking roar. The band channels enough hardcore angst and Husker Du-style buzzsaw guitar to make even the most jaded scenester flip their wig, while featuring pounding rhythms and a swirling wall of sound that land the listener somewhere smack in the middle of post-punk England and Washington D.C.’s Revolution Summer.

Stonecutters – new record release April 13th

March 13th, 2013

Stonecutters CD/LP Release showStonecutters will have a new CD/LP coming out on Saturday April 13th entitled “Creatio Ex Nihil”. Several songs from the record have been posted online, including “Four Pillars” which you can listen to on their ReverbNation page. Stonecutters will be playing the new album in it’s entirety. Also playing will be (Ohlm), Abominant, and I Died Trying. The show’s at Headliner’s (1386 Lexington Rd.), with doors at 8pm and a price breakdown of $10 for 18 & over and $5 for 21+.



Great Floods

March 12th, 2013

Great Floods logoComprised of members from Antikythera, Year of Desolation, Sealing of the Tribes,countermeasure, Cadaver in Drag, Every Day After, Destined to Fall, Harlem, Cast from Eden, Lo-Fi Devastator, Kallus, Great Floods is a newer band that has just posted their first recordings up on SoundCloud. There are currently two songs up – “60/120″ and “Fad diets and documentaries”. Loud, screamy, and abrasive. The band has played one show a few months back, and has several more lined up. They’ll be playing with All Dead and A Life Once Lost this coming Monday at Haymarket Whiskey, and they’ll also be playing at the Mag Bar with Beast In The Field, Octopus, and Bearhammer on March 29th. Keep an eye out.

ALOL, Great Floods, All Dead, Ohlm

ALOL, Great Floods, All Dead, Ohlm


Ill Advised – The Detox

March 12th, 2013

Ill Advised’s new video for The Detox is up now. Check it.

Shot and edited by AJ Graninger

TRIM – Deerskull

March 8th, 2013
TRIM – Deerskull

Here’s a real late update/post that should have gone up almost two months ago. Better late than never I guess!


In May of 1999, Doug Maxson’s old band Trim headed over to the Rocket House. Recording with Jon Cook, they managed to track 9 songs onto 1/2 8-track reel then do a “crappy raw mix to DAT”. Unfortunately, not too long afterwards the band lost interest and not much of anything happened to the recordings. Well, Doug couldn’t leave things alone and has wanted to do something with the records for years. Says Doug:

Because, I guess, I like having albatrosses around my neck. Trim was a trainwreck of a band, a crown of thorns I wore for 3 years. We played a couple brilliant shows, though mostly my live cassettes are labeled “Too Much Whiskey!” and “Too High To Fly!” The recording session was just as unpromising…we arrived at noon, got a bunch of beer, smoked a bunch of weed, but then technical difficulties shouldered in and we didn’t start playing until 9 in the evening. We finished up the vocal overdubs at 2 in the morning. Nevertheless, over the years, I remained convinced there was gold in them thar hills.

So finally after 12 years (exactly), Doug grabbed Brett Holsclaw and Trip Barriger to mix down the 9 songs at Treehouse Audio. He’s spent the last year putting together funding and layout, and put the songs out recently. You can pick it up at Hal Dolls shows and it is available via the Noise Pollution – $10 CD or for download. http://noisepollution.bandcamp.com/album/deerskull

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