Piss Alley

August 7th, 2006

“Ladies and Gentlemen…Piss Alley”
A new band by the name of Piss Alley has recently formed and begun writing songs. For any who may care, the band consists of Mike Welch (ex Trane) on vocals, Tony Ash (Nixon) on guitar, Jason Sparks (Ten to Midnight) on guitar, Pat Hume (Brain Banger, ex Lords) on bass, and Doug Walker (Nixon, Gaj Mustafa Cell) on drums. Proudly and unabashedly wearing its influences all over their collective sleeves (the Stooges, Black Sabbath, the Kinks, blah blah blah et.al), Piss Alley plans to make its local debut sometime this fall, so…’til then….

LPSA Soccer Tournament!

August 5th, 2006

The Louisville Pick-up Soccer Association will host it’s first annual 5 a side soccer tournament on Sunday, August 20th
at Highland Middle School.
The tournament will be played over the course of 1 day with 2 matches running simultaneously. Matches will be played with 5 field players per team on a reduced sized pitch with small goals. There will be no goalkeepers. Match length will be officially determined once we know how many teams have entered, but most likely we will be playing 10 or 15 minute halves. The tournament will take place of the LPSA’s regularly scheduled Sunday pick-up games.
Further details concerning the format for matches will be released prior to the start of the tournament.
The tournament will be open to anyone who would like to play. However, we will allow a maximum of only 16 teams to enter on a first come first serve basis. The deadline to enter a team is Sunday, August 13th at NOON. Each team will be required to pay a $5.00 registration fee that will be used to pay for equipment for LPSA pick-up games. To enter a team send an e-mail to soccer@safearmy.com stating your team’s name, captain and contact information, or by speaking directly to Daniel Sanders, Ty Kreft or George Parker.


Though we do expect a competitive tournament, the purpose of the tournament is to have a good time and raise money for the LPSA. Games will be played with no referees and in the spirit of fun.
We will be distributing this info at Sundays and Thursday pick-up games. Spread the word to anyone who might be interested and who doesn’t check the board or receive email list messages. Organize your team and register now… We already have 4 teams who have entered! It’s on!

Olympia CD release

August 4th, 2006

Olympia‘s CD release show is on Saturday, August 19th and will take place at Old Louisville Coffee House. The album, entitled Bridges, will be released on Louisville’s own La Revolution! records. It was recorded and mastered by Anthony Olympia. The 7 song CD will be for sale at EarXTacy and Underground Sounds.

The Argument (nope, not about Fugazi)

August 4th, 2006

“I’m (Syd Bishop) doing a podcast with my friend Jonah O’Neil. It’s called ‘The Argument’ and it is just that; friends arguing varying topics. Some people call this debate. We happen to call a duck, a duck, and get on with it.
Never-the-less, we at the argument feel that our differences are our strengths and this show is meant to not only honor these things, but to have fun with them.
We’ve recorded several shows and a have a variety of ideas for future shows. Some things we’ve already argued about:

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Chris Higdon & Jesse Kretch Photo show

July 22nd, 2006

For all looking to check out some classic Louisville bands preserved by the eye of a camera, heads up. Chris Higdon (Elliott, Falling Forward) took pictures for years and years at shows, and will be showing off some of his collection. Chris and his wife Jessie Kriech have secured a space at the Mellwood Arts Center (Mellwood Ave. where the Fischer Meat Packing Plant and Tumbleweed used to be) and will be having a grand opening the last Friday of July (July 28th). If you can make it out, I’m sure they would love to have you. Directions and the time will be posted up shortly.

Endpoint by Chris Higdon