Safe Soccer Sundays

July 13th, 2005

The boys over at Safe Media are starting up a weekly soccer shin-dig at Tyler Park on Baxter Ave at noon every Sunday (yeah, I know the image below says 10:30, fuck you). Will this take the place of our beloved but ailing kickball!?!? Only time will tell!

Shake ups & Recordings….

July 13th, 2005

Chubbs and Equal & Ultra have parted ways during a recording session for a new record. Word on the street is that Duncan and Jacob will be splitting vocal duties to finish the record, if not at shows as well.
Brainz Out has also finished another recording session. So much for breaking up.. I guess it lasted around 3 weeks. Cameron from Ganthet has also taken Asian Man Chris’ place w/ the bass.
Dr. West has a demo up to check out… they recorded it themselves. Check out their first show w/ Coliseum on the 23rd.
Not really Louisville, but some kids from E-Town that you might know as xGonzx also have some shit up (yet again on myspace)… a full live set from their first show.
p.s….. Louisville Hardcore shirts are still available in black and grey fer $10.

SR Fest Updates

July 11th, 2005

The (sweet) poster has been made and more bands have been added to the Schrodinger Records Fest on August 20 on the Belvedere… You can click here to check out the poster by Safe Media, or just read below for a list of the bands…

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Hardcore Videos

July 7th, 2005

Adele Collins (who is still in need of medication $$ to help fight her Psudeotumor Cerebri) has added a couple of items to her massive distro that some of you may be interested in… DVDs of Endpoint, Crain, Sunspring, Kinghorse, and Despair…
One DVD is a Kinghorse/Endpoint show from Tewligans in 1989, the other is Endpoint’s last show on Dec. 30th, 1994 w/ Sunspring & Crain (full sets from each). She also has a video of Despair for all you Terror fans.. it’s from the 1996 Cleveland Fest.
To get ahold of Adele, hit her up at or catch up with her at a show that her distro is at.


July 1st, 2005

From D-prott:
“Brightskull Records is doing an exclusive release of Pocket Bomb’s new album here at Underground Sounds. The c.d.s will be here tomorrow (Saturday) evening! Excitement a-go-go.”