My So-Called News…

June 9th, 2005

Coliseum’s Ryan Patterson finally has a portfolio site up for Auxiliary Design… you can hit it up at
Alyson at Alley Cat Prints (who printed the Louisville Hardcore shirts and new Pocket Bomb shirts) is in the process of opening a storefront off of Taylor Blvd.
Metroschifter is still broken up. But you can get old shirts from Monkeydrive.

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In with the old/new, out with the new/old…

June 2nd, 2005

If word hasn’t reached your ears yet, NRI (aka Nowledge Related Injury) has broken up. So don’t expect to see them anymore. They broke up because Jake took a hatchet to the drummer’s arm during an extreme wrestling match. ok, that’s not true, but they are broken up.
And… keep an eye out for the new (well kinda) band TEARS TO GLORY. Have you been around long enough to remember Armbar? Well, if you were and you liked ’em, shit yourself silly over TTG. Not around that long? If you are interested by aa heavy, dual vocalist band and you are kinda into stuff like…. Terror (maybe), then you can shit your britches over it too. They’re looking for shows now, hit the message board for contact info.

A note from J. Brightskull….

May 22nd, 2005

Thrown Brick Records is dead, long live
BRIGHTSKULL RECORDS. ( and are up. In the wake of
this reorganization, Ayin are touring the northeast in
June in support of “nothing islands”. Ayin is going
out again with In Tongues in August (yes, In Tongues
is gearing to actually play out!). Pocket Bomb full
length CD out at the end of may. Lastly, the Kodan
Armada/Montcalm split 7″ has been repressed one last
time and is now available, a portion of the proceeds
benefit Adele Colins. And i’m spent.

New songs, new records, new, new, nudes… er, nevermind that last one.

May 13th, 2005

*Coliseum’s new EP – GODDAMNAGE – is out today on Manic Ride records. It will be available at the show tonight, but I don’t know when Ear X-Tacy will have it.
*No Where Fast has new songs up on their myspace at so go and check it out. They will be touring with TastyFace soon. I saw the tour poster by Typocracy (MGL).. pretty sweet.
*Redhanded will be coming back this summer… look for them at Headliner’s with Dead City Rejects in June. Check the shows page for up-to-date info.
*Lord’sSwords” LP still isn’t out.
*Thommy Brown (Automatic, Enkindel/The Enkindels/BTGOG/more), Matt Weider (Mouthpiece/Kiwi/Automatic/The Enkindels/more), and Jeff Drake (Squarewell/My Life Denial) have started not one, but two new bands to be on the lookout for.. one is a “stoner rock” (TB’s words) band named GET DEAD, and the other is a more traditional hardcore band with no name. Get ready, this shit is sure to be off the proverbial hook.
*Straight Laced has lost their drummer. Graham moved from guitar to the drums to cover, but I’m sure they’re looking for someone to take the throne from him. Preferably someone that knows something about I dunno.. skinhead and mod stuff or something. They have also recently been picked up by Sta-Press Records, and will be releasing a full-length recorded with Kevin Ratterman soon.
*The Kinghorse tribute page has been updated with VIDEOS!. Yup.
* t-shirts should be in soon and ready for the Louisville Hardcore Cookout/Group Photo (hopefully). Everyone should come out to Hogan’s Fountain on May 21st and hang out around 2pm.. Skins, Punks, Goths, “normal” dudes, hardcores, fat kids, skinny kids, emos, whatever. Check for details on ye olde messageboard.

The Punk/Hardcore Guide To…..

April 4th, 2005

Well, while I’m working on getting the message board back up, as well as preparing the April mp3s of the month (to be announced in the next 2 days), i’ve gotten sidetracked with other updates. An index page for The Punk/Hardcore Guide To Louisville has been prepared, and pictures have been taken for many of the places listed throughout the section. Better resturaunt reviews and whatnot will also be put into place shortly. And speaking of Punk/Hardcore guides, the Hardcore/Punk Guide To Christianity will be mirrored on this site soon as well as being reprinted in the near future.
p.s. the Kinghorse mp3s and videos will be up as soon as my future site hoster gets my stuff set up on their server.