FFD/Glasspack/Dirty Bird news

March 24th, 2005

Last friday, many learned that Sean Garrison and The Five Finger Discount aren’t very fond of rude Frenchmen. Or French women that throw bread at them. So beware if you have french blood and a tendency to start trouble. Sean just might stomp a hole in your ass. Their new CD is now out as a split release between Sever’s Louisville Lip label and Ear X-Tacy records. Comes in some trippy Stan Doll packaging.

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Rock and roll ain’t NOISE POLLUTION

March 14th, 2005

Brandon from Noise Pollution hit me up a while back with some news, and it got buried in my email box… (I’m as bad w/ email as the phone sometimes… yikes!).
Anyway, he wanted me to know that NP has updated their (AWESOME) Archives section, with all kinds of hard to find stuff like stuff from DIRT ONE, BATMOBILE, THE FLATS, PANURE, and LORDS. So hit them up at http://www.louisvillenoise.com/ and check it out, maybe buy a record or three.

Everyone loves… Records!

February 28th, 2005

Ganthet‘s Excelsior 7″ is in from the plant, and available online, at Ear-X-tacy, or from the band at shows…. (or from this page: http://www.louisvillehardcore.com/label/ganthet/
And Gaj Mustafa Cell‘s 3 song 7″ is now available at Ear-X-Tacy! So go pick em up!

Feb. 18, 2005

February 18th, 2005

For those that haven’t heard, Velocity is poop and pee combined into a creamy, tangy mixture that does little to excite the senses. In Doug’s words “Thank god there’s magazines like Velocity to make 95% of us feel insignifigant and isolated.”
In other (more positive) news, our boys in Breather seem to be doing pretty well over in europe. There are pictures of them going apeshit on Valentine’s Day up at http://www.attheshow.org/
Maximum Kickball season is steadily approaching us, and some kids have started training already. Get on the ball, or yer gonna drop it. This season is going to be “off the hook” as some kids said a couple of years ago or so.

february 14, 2005

February 14th, 2005

Here’s some “news” that you may have known or may not have known….

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