Ayin 7″

November 23rd, 2004

This just in from Herr Prott the Elder: (in regards to the Ayin CD release show at Louisville coffee house)
“Also, as a last minute surprise thanks to the presses shipping out the records a week early, we’ll also have copies of Ayin’s new 7” “rock n roll killed my baby” featuring three songs and a cover of BIG BLACK’s “deep six”.”

more benefits/last shows

November 22nd, 2004

Two things – The last 3 Nails show will be in Elizabethtown on January 8th, and will be an Adele Collins Benefit. I’m listing the info in the shows section even though it’s not a Louisville show, almost every band playing is from Louisville, it’s benefiting a Louisville kid, and it’s only 45 minutes away. So go to it.
Another show (tonight actually) is going to be a partial benefit for SuffocatexFaster’s vocalist Chris Alsip (from cincy), who was in a fight last week when a bouncer got into the middle of it at Bogart’s in Cincinnati, and instead of breaking it up, he stabbed Chris and gave a second kid a huge gash around his eye. The bouncer is a football player at UC, and all charges against him have been dropped, and he is keeping his job, while charges remain for Chris and the other guy who got stabbed. So… The show tonight is:
Dead To Fall, Leave It At The Door, Dead in The Wake, MOIRAI @ The Keswick Democratic Club – 6 bucks, 6pm, Nov. 22nd.

3 Nails/Evan P.

November 20th, 2004

Everyone’s fav-or-ite (well, maybe not as few of you went to their shows) hardcore band, Three Nails For A False Prophet, is apparently breaking up after 5 years of being a band. The word is that they will be playing a last show sometime in December, 2004, and as a climaz to the show, shoot each other with shotguns (it’s all true except for the shotgun part). They promise not to cancel this show.
Also, Evan Patterson of Breather Resist is apparently featured this month in one of those goofy guitar player magazines that you find on the shelf at Kroger’s… I’m not sure of the name, but it’s cool that they’re recognizing someone good instead of sucking the ass of some Nickelback-wanna be motherfucker (AGAIN).
And to finish up, Redhanded has a new video up on their site at http://www.redhandrock.com/sub/Redhanded_lang.mov from their show on September 10, 2004 w/ Thought Riot. Check it.

Shows, New books, New records, + more!

November 16th, 2004

Scott Ritcher has 2 new books out… One is a paperback of the first 5 issues of the long running K Composite Magazine… the other cronicles his recent “Saint clinton” controversy.. information is available at http://www.cafepress.com/kcomposite
Ten To Midnight has finished recording their new record. From what I hear, it’s gonna be a good one, so show up to get one of a hundred made specifically for their show on November 30th. Hit the shows section for info.
The Ayin CD “Nothing Islands” actually finally came out on Jamie P’s Thrown Brick label. For real! Find Jamie, Daisy or one of the other members wandering around Bardstown Road or at shows and get a copy before they’re all gone – they’ll be going quick.
If you are “in the know”, there’s going to be a free (well, $5 suggested donation for the touring bands) Coliseum show/party at the Black Cross Castle on Friday the 17th at 7pm with Ed Gein (NY grind) and Clockcleaner (Scratch Acid/Big Black worship). Breather Resist will also be back from tour on this day, but no, they aren’t playing, but stop by to say hi to them too.
Since it’s a house (and a nice one at that), I’m not throwing up the address, but ask around, it’s not hard to find. Don’t email me for the address though.
The Adele Collins benefit last weekend raised another couple hundred bucks, and there’s rumors of a new issue of I Stand Alone being out in the coming months. Hot dog!

Ayin Record Release, Halloween comps!

October 25th, 2004

From Daisy:
Ayin’s full length record, Nothing Islands, will be avalable by election day. If you want a copy, go to www.ayinkillsyou.org, call daisy’s number, and he will drive you a copy wherever you are for $10. Or you can wait until ayin plays in about a month and a half, and get it for $8. It’s up to you. And that’s what we at The Ayin Corporation want to bring to you: Choices. Ayin: Have it your way.
And so anyone who reads this knows, the Halloween shows on the 30th AND the 31st will have free CDs at the door to the first kiddos to make it through. So run the gauntlet, take your hits, and get to the door as fast as you can. the bands with songs available on the 2 comps are: Canopic (first release), Nixon, Stanzig, Pocketbomb, Ganthet, Lords, Coliseum, Christiansen… maybe more.