Ayin Record Release, Halloween comps!

October 25th, 2004

From Daisy:
Ayin’s full length record, Nothing Islands, will be avalable by election day. If you want a copy, go to www.ayinkillsyou.org, call daisy’s number, and he will drive you a copy wherever you are for $10. Or you can wait until ayin plays in about a month and a half, and get it for $8. It’s up to you. And that’s what we at The Ayin Corporation want to bring to you: Choices. Ayin: Have it your way.
And so anyone who reads this knows, the Halloween shows on the 30th AND the 31st will have free CDs at the door to the first kiddos to make it through. So run the gauntlet, take your hits, and get to the door as fast as you can. the bands with songs available on the 2 comps are: Canopic (first release), Nixon, Stanzig, Pocketbomb, Ganthet, Lords, Coliseum, Christiansen… maybe more.

Slint reunion!!!! For Real!

October 13th, 2004

Holy shit, Slint are reforming! We know, you got that from the headline, but we just needed a moment with our feelings….

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Carolina survives warehouse fire

October 3rd, 2004

“sometime friday night the warehouse my band carolina calls home caught fire. the fire originated just outside the door to our practice area. i recieved a call from morgan saying “there was a fire, i don’t know how bad”. aside from the outside brick walls, the whole structure floor and ceiling are wood. i’ve never been as nervous as i was on the drive over. my stomach was in knots. as it turns out we were lucky. although the spinklers didn’t come on (good for the equipment bad for the building) the fire dept got there in time. they had to come in from underneath the fire as we aren’t on the ground floor so there are holes in the floor which is waterlogged and covered in wet ashes. the equipment was thankfully saved (thanks to newly errected walls) and removed after the fact although a lot of it was covered in soot. aside from that its hard to tell the condition of the building. its dark, wet, and the air is stale and smells of smoke. its like a cave. we’ll have power again on monday and will be able to assess the damage better. we were lucky, we could have lost everything; all of our amps we endlessly obsess over, mics, drums, pedalboards, our pa, etc. most of all we could have lost our favorite place in the world. the place we hide out, write, rehearse, record some, and hang out. i’ll say it again, we were lucky.”
-matt b

Breater Resist: Charmer

October 3rd, 2004

In the November issue of Revolver:
3 1/2 stars
After releasing their chaotic debut EP, Only In The Morning, last year, Breather Resist have dropped their first full-length of jagged, take-no-prisoners artcore. The no doubt sardonically entitled Charmer is anything but: This is an all-out assault on the ear canals. Full of angular guitars, acid vocals, and stop-on-a-dime time signature shifts, Charmer should have aficionados of Deadguy, Converge(whose own Kurt Ballou produced), and their ilk giddily bashing holes in the wall with their heads.

September 2004 Louisville scene report

September 27th, 2004

A couple of things real quick-like:
1) RedNails recording update…
2) There’s a new band called Freethrow
3) Lords and Coliseum were featured in this month’s AP…
4) xXOXOx now has MP3s available…
5) There are tickets available for the BTGOG show now…
For more…. read on.

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