Louisville does not keep any personal information other than the information that you provide for your username for the History or Forums, the information that you submit to populate the pages of the History section, the posts that you make on the Forums, and your Forum profile information. All of the aforementioned data is accessible by you, the user, at will and you can update/delete said information at will. If assistance with resetting passwords is needed, please contact the Louisville support staff.

Internet cookies are placed on your computer if/when you log in. No data is collected by the site admins from these cookies. It is purely to allow you to go from page to page to page without having to login over and over and over again.

Additional, non-identifying, non-personal information is collected from every visitor to the site. This information is used to (eventually) make updates to the site’s layout/design/functionality. None of this information is sold or provided to any other vendors in anyway, because, hey fuck those guys. And seriously, we’re far too lazy around here to make the updates most of the time, much less collect it to sell it for barely more than burrito money. The anonymous information that is collected in the background goes a little like this:

  • Time on site
  • Entry page/exit page
  • What web browser you use
  • What device (if mobile)
  • Whether you are a returning user or a new visitor
  • Section on the site that gets the most traffic

If you have problems with the site or any of the data collected by the website, please utilize the contact page.

Did yuo break out a magnifying glass to read this? Do they even make those any more, or do you have to steal one from an old man who is trying to read his latest copy of Reader’s Digest? I guess since this is the ‘fine print’, I should say this: By staying on this site, and by visiting it again in the future, you are agreeing to the terms of usage, which are basically that you’re OK with the small amount of data that LHXC gets from your computer, and that you don’t now and will not in the future hold Louisville or it’s proprietor accountable for any slander/libel/bad writing/ugly photos. If you use the same password for 500 sites and someone gets ahold of it via this site – that’s your own fault, and not ours. Be more careful with your online security.