Throwback punditry: Miscegenation = Communism

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We have throwback clothing and throwback music, why not throwback punditry too? You may have thought that the days of seeing Communists under every rock were long gone -- especially now that the Soviet Union is no more and Castro has stepped down -- but you would be wrong.

I remember seeing the covers of paranoid, racist, anti-Communist books and tracts (like "Jew-Communists Behind Race Mixing") that were published around half a century ago. They seemed ludicrous and outdated to me when I was a teenager and even more so today. But we can thank the illustrious National Review for providing a modern version of this tale.

You see, since Barack Obama's parents were a mixed-race couple in the 1950s, they must have been Communists because only Communists promoted mixing races back then.

Next thing you know, the National Review will run an article about how fluoride is sapping our precious bodily fluids or something.

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