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Derby Weekend goings-on

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Wondering what there is to do this weekend other than Derby related crap? Here’s a quick roundup of shows and whatnot:


Sweet Cobra, Russian Circles, Lichens, Mountain Asleep @ Skull Alley. This got pushed back a little bit due to the Derby Parade, which starts almost right in front of Skull Alley. So I think doors are at 7pm now, $10 will get you in. If you are going to throw water balloons at the parade, don’t do it from Skull Alley’s roof.

Bulldog’s Cafe (which is supposedly “Louisville’s true all ages venue”) has an impromptu fest brewing. Looks like 3 different shows were combined into one. Hoods, Beg For Life, Kingdom, Battle!, Widower, Rattletooth, Dead Icons, and Vicious Rule will be moshing most siqqly out on Manslick Road around 6:00pm for $10. Good thing there’s no school on Friday.


Adam Colvin is having his yearly Barbarian Fest at his place. If you know him, you’re maybe probably invited to partake in proceedings that would lead PETA to commit seppuku. Colvin’s stated goal this year in his meat-paradise cookoff is to “make Conan cry”. Starts Friday around 6 I believe.

Afterwards, there is of course the Guilt/Split Lip/Young Widows/Frontier(s) show @ Headliner’s. Rumors have been flying that this show is sold out, and I hope that it’s true. It’d make it more of an event. Do some stage dives and high fives for Eagle.

Looks like Jamie and Allyson probably won’t be up at Headliner’s as Skull Alley is hosting Paleface (first tour in a while or something), State Champion, Cascade Hollow, and isms jisms(?) at 6pm. It’ll cost you some money, though I’m not sure how much offhand. More than $5, less than $25. How do ya like them apples?

Bulldogs also has Spineshank with Straight Line Stitch / Tri-Tones / Seventh Story / At Lights End.


If you’re looking to get out of town, I know this one is sold out, but you could try to sneak into the Burning Fight book release show in Chicago. Unbroken, 108, Bane, Betrayed, Split Lip, Guilt, Blacklisted, and a lot more are playing. Show goes on Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday night will see Phantom Family Halo, Metal Bubbles, and 6 White Horses at Lisa’s Oak St. saloontavernbar for a couple of cheap dollars.

Bulldogs has something going on again. Skull Alley is taking a much needed night off. Most people in town will be going to parties or passing out drunk before they get to said parties. There’s also a pay-per-view boxing match that night if you want to come pitch in for it.