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Late Ones – Nailbiter listening party, contest, and 7″ release

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011
Late Ones 7" record - Image courtesy of Little Heart Records

Late Ones 7" record - Image courtesy of Little Heart Records

As mentioned in the (slightly) earlier post, Late Ones will be having a 7″ release show at Cahoots on Saturday, August 20th. Can’t come out or just don’t like Cahoots? The band and Little Heart Records will be putting on a listening party at Derby City Chop shop earlier in the evening at 6pm. Come by, drink an Ale8, back your dudes, and be there between 6 and 8pm. Read more details below: (more…)

Ants in An Argument reunite this Friday

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Ants in an Argument reunion show flyer If you went to shows during the Primizee’s Pizza and/or Pandamonium Arcade eras of Louisville Punk Rock, you almost definitely recognize the name Ants In An Argument. If you want to relive those days, Sean has geared up for another show tomorrow night at Cahoot’s. They’re playing with The Revenants and Alcohawk, and it’ll cost you $5 and start at/around 10pm. DJ Count Grozny will be playing records in-between and after the bands.

Misc. crap – record releases, shows, comps.

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

Black God have announced that their first release will be a 7″ coming out on Florida’s No Idea records. Look for it in a couple of months.

Another Mistake is almost sold out of their limited sweat shirts, grab one quick or buy a shirt. I hear they have some more songs recorded than what was on the cassette so hopefully there’s a new release in the works.

Bush League is writing new material and setting up new shows. They have one at Cahoots on February 12th with The Revenants, ZCFOS, and the newly-returning HOOKERS. Then there is a show in March trying to match up “old dude” bands with “young dude” bands. The New Mexico, Picked Clean (IN), No Class (?), Vaderbomb, and Damaged Goods will alo play that one.

As you may have heard, the Louisville Hardcore compilation that Living Touch records was working on hasn’t panned out as announced, but there is another comp in the works that will likely end up with those songs. Currently the plan is to get the comp songs together ASAP and possibly pair it with a zine and Slamdek-style “Guide To Louisville” just in time for Krazy Fest. If you want more info or want to submit a song, please hit up louisvillehxc[a] and check out more info in the forums thread about it.

In venue related news, there’s a couple of awesome places being looked at soon that may house another place of our own. If it works out, expect the foot clan HQ from the live action ninja turtles movies. It’ll be rad. There’s talk of a bit of a collective more in the vein of Gilman St. than the old Brycc House, but we’ll see what happens. Just mentioning it so those behind it will feel a push.

Trophy Wives - Old Scratch

Trophy Wives - Old Scratch

Trophy Wives have announced their new 13-song CD/LP entitled “Old Scratch” that will be out on July 26th on Latest Flame Records from Chicago. For a sneak preview, hit up their bandcamp page.

Several people’s favorite podcast The Argument is going to make a comeback in the near future. Three episodes were recorded yesterday, with plans for more soon. Joining Syd and Jonah this time are Adam Rains and Sean Roberts providing musical selections and Trip Barriger as recording engineer. They’re trying to build up a backlog before setting a release schedule. When it’s ready, it’ll be announced here as well as linked up on the main LHxC site as before. Hopefully this city gets some music podcasts going soon (if it has shit now, I just don’t know about it). Though there is the Little Heart Records’ Talk Hard podcast that is more just about random shit than Louisville music (just as the Argument is).

Young Widows - In And Out Of Youth And Lightness

In And Out Of Youth And Lightness

Young Widows
have released a track from their upcoming record entitled “In and Out of Youth and Lightness“. The track is called “Future Heart” and is available from Stereogum. The record will be out on April 11th on Temporary Residence.

Xerxes is recording starting today. Their “Twins” 7″ made’s list of favorite 7″s of 2010 – at number 20! I don’t know what they’re doing with the new recordings, but you can bet they aren’t going to bury them in an old fallout shelter in Nebraska. Here’s a link to a video of a set they played in a kitchen last weekend –

Frontier(s) is currently in Europe on a tour that sounds like it’s going pretty well. Word is that they’ll be playing a bit more once they get back to the States, so expect a show or two in Louisville to be announced in the near future.

Rattletooth and Everything Went Black split 7"

New Rattletooth 7"

Edit: Rattletooth is still around and is just about to release a split 7″ with Everything Went Black. There are preorders and even a free download of the record available from the label – I Hate Punk Rock. The official street date is February 8th, 2011. Rattletooth will apparently be touring in March in support of the record.

And from Will Allard: “New band (members of Mountain Asleep, XERXES, Black Teeth (IL), Prideswallower, Lay Down and Die, Ben Sollee, etc) recordings to be announced in February. Stay tuned.”

Oh, and there’s a new Lay Down And Die record in the works.