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Coliseum – kinda almost unplugged

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

I can’t lie, I watched Mike almost the entire video. It’s not really unplugged, but you’re not likely to ever hear Coliseum so… quiet again.

Louisville rock outfit Coliseum incorporates everything from explosive metal to incisive D.C. punk in its power-chord, loud-quiet tunes. TOC had the band in the office for one of our least unplugged Live at TOC sessions. Here’s “Waiting.”….



By The Grace Of God summer 2011 dates

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011
The Rumble in Chicago

The Rumble in Chicago

As you have probably/maybe/possibly heard, By The Grace Of God is heading out this summer for a show in the US as well as a European tour. The only US date (so far, let’s see what happens!) will have the same lineup as Krazy Fest – Rob, Duncan, Jay, Thommy, and Tree. The Euro tour will have Ben Sears filling in on drums. The US date is in Chicago and there’s little to no reason for Louisville not to swarm the place. The Rumble in Chicago will have DYS, Trial, Madball, Ringworm, Most Precious Blood, BTGOG, Ceremony and more (Harms Way f yeah). The fest/show (it’s Friday and Saturday) will be at The Bottom Lounge on Lake Street (it may look familiar).
Actually, I’m looking into getting a van to take up full of Louisville people. Let’s get a couple of car loads up there if possible. Check the message board for planning info.

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Two day passes on Ticketweb






Trophy Wives (King Cab) in Chicago

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

Tony sent over some nice video from a show that Trophy Wives played last weekend in Chicago at a place called the Union Rock Yards. Check it out when you have a chance. They’re looking to play some more all-ages shows as well. Hit up the forums for a thread about it. BTW, the song is called “King Cab”.

New releases (april/march 09)

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

A lot of these are little bit outside LHxC’s normal scope or focus for one reason or another, but so what. Go whine somewhere else. Like… the message boards.

Millions (Chicago) has a new record dropping TODAY Yesterday on 7th Rule Records. Entitled “Gather/Scatter”, it’s 8 tracks of what you want to hear if you want to hear loud, abrasive rock. Wow, how much more fucking vague can I be? This is why I don’t write reviews very often. Anyway……  Vocals are belted out by Louisvillian Corey Lyons (SHP, Bodyhammer) which is why I’m posting it here (and because he is all over the forums). Great bass tones on this record, btw. Catch these guys on Monday, Apr. 6th as they swing through on their way back from tour. They’ll probably be here later in the year again after their Euro tour. (more…)