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Trigger Men demo posted

Saturday, January 26th, 2013
Trigger Men demo cover

Trigger Men demo cover

There’s a new band out there to keep up with – The Trigger Men. And they’ve posted up a new demo on Bandcamp. Trigger Men consists of a chunk of Written Off (Meg Morgan, Chris Miles, and Scott Holston) along with Keith Lucious and Brandon Burdine from Indianapolis. Keith says “Chris and I live together and were all on the same page musically so it’s been a fun way to kill time”. With Brandon living up in Indy, some of the details will probably take a bit to nail down, but they’re talking about doing some weekends when possible and will definitely be playing shows here, Indy, and anywhere in between.

I give it a three thumbs up and a destroyed L5/S1 disc.


Alcohawk demo$

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

If anyone is looking for their daily/monthly/yearly taste of poppy-ish punk, check out Alcohawk’s myspace where they’ve posted some new songs. They’ll also have (free!) CD demos available at the show they’re playing Friday at Skull Alley.

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