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New shirts finally on the way

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

A number of you have been asking me about Louisville Hardcore shirts for the past… 3-4 years. And some of you don’t care, and fuck you. I said I would finally get down to it in November 2009, and didn’t. Well, your fashion sensibilities can rejoice because at March’s First Saturday show at Skull Alley, new shirts should be available for $10. Proceeds will go to paying the hosting cost for the site as well as hopefully buying (non)dead hookers for Adam Rains. All shirts printed by Skull Alley on labor-friendly shirts and do not contain sequins or recycled bible pages. For that matter, they will not fit inside a toaster. They will help mop up spilt coffee, but I don’t make any claim of their ability to turn you invisible.

This will be the initial run of LHxC shirts in these colors and may be limited to just this run, we’ll see. I’ll look to trying to keep these in stock for now on either way. But if you aren’t into the straight typography thing, and you still would like to either have something that says “Louisville” or support this site, I’m announcing that over the Summer and Fall, there will be low-run shirts by some of Louisville’s punk/hardcore artists. The first two shirts will be coming in around May/July and will feature Justin Kamerer (aka Angryblue) and Stan Doll (aka CSDIV). There will be 2 more artists announced later. I’m likely going to get them to do 2-color shirts and those will probably go for around $12 apiece, or you can sacrifice your first born. These shirts will also debut at a First Saturday show, then available later on at Skull Alley or on the online Louisville Hardcore shop. Thanks for reading this and (not) posting follow up photos of Goatse.

First Saturday #2 – this weekend

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010
First Saturday #2 Poster

First Saturday #2 Poster

The second show in the new First Saturday show series is this weekend!

The second show in the series will see Rest Assured, Darger (northern Ohio), and Fork In Socket will be playing this Saturday at Skull Alley. The show is a little bit more mellow than last month, but will be no less fun or entertaining. If you don’t have a tough guy stick in your ass, come on out.

By the way, each of these shows has a limited-run screen printed poster available for $5 at the door. Leftover posters will (depending on availability) be available at Skull Alley anytime after the show or here on the Louisville Hardcore site a week or so after the show. All proceeds go to Skull Alley and helping bring bigger bands in for the series.


Monday, December 21st, 2009

First show of the series! Local heavyweights Coliseum return from their tour excursions of the east coast to play this show. Ringing in the new year with plans for writing/recording their third LP, Coliseum are showcasing new drummer Carter Wilson to their local fans once again. Expect to need some earplugs as local noise makers Straight A’s will be unleashing some sonic fury along with the dual bass attack of Zombie Chickens from Outer Space. Nightmare Glasses from Birmingham, Alabama will be making a stop in for the show as well, kicking out some powerful chaotic punk. Admission is only $5 and the music will be starting promptly at 7:30. This show and all Skull Alley shows are all ages, always.

More info in the shows forum and at