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Nine Eyes – s/t

Monday, April 27th, 2015

Nine Eyes s/t record coverNew Louisville band Nine Eyes has released their first s/t tracks via Bandcamp –

Two nights, two shows – March 10/11, 2013

Thursday, February 21st, 2013


Alex Rhema has two back to back shows coming up next month that you should check out. Shit, there’s a TON of shows in March. There’s absolutely no reason to be stuck in your house unless you’re an alchemist trying to turn yourself into a golden fatass slug. If you’re trying that specific thing, I’m… impressed. Otherwise, get up and get out jerks. Both shows are at Haymarket on Market St and are All Ages.


Stabler – The Squadroom

Monday, February 11th, 2013

Stabler CD cover

Stabler CD cover

With a name like Stabler, you’d likely expect some no-nonsense, straight to the point enforcement. Well, if you’re a fan of Law & Order: SVU that is. If you’re both a fan of that and hardcore, then you’re in luck as Louisville’s Stabler bring you 10 tracks of straight forward thrashing hardcore with their new release The Squadroom. The songs were recorded by Mike Stewart of the House of Wax and mixed/mastered by Sean Collier. If you’re into the songs, you can see Stabler at Spinelli’s Downtown on Sunday, March 17th with Shook Like Dead Men (OH), They Came Bearing Arms, and Hallows. Keep on the look out for some more soon afterwards and potentially for a limited edition CD of this record at those shows.

Stabler Facebook
Stabler Bandcamp
Stabler : The Squadroom download on Mediafire

New Written Off 7inch on Six Feet Under + Limited 7inch

Friday, January 25th, 2013

Written Off 7inch

Written Off has a new 7″ about to come out on Six Feet Under Records. It’s ready for pre-order on the Six Feet Under Site. From Six Feet Under:

“In the summer of 2009, inspired by the growing scene in Louisville, Written Off began writing music in vein of hardcore most recognized in Boston and other areas of the North East. After self-releasing Louisville Straight Edge demo cassette tape, a self-titled 7″ on Iron Mind Crew Records, and a split with Atlanta’s Out Crowd on Iron Mind Crew/Like Glue Records, Written Off started writing new material that would define their sound and prove to be their best material thus far. In 6 fast paced, straight to the point tracks, Written Off proves with their second self-titled record the potential of Midwest Hardcore in 2013. This is that record.”

You can listen to a track from the new record on the Six Feet Under BandCamp page.

Limited edition Out Crowd and Written Off records

Limited edition Out Crowd and Written Off records

Written Off also has a special release of their split 7″ with Outcrowd available. The release is a fundraiser for Nora Jane Worley, a 6-month old with a rare heart defect. Records and more info are available up at the Iron Mind Crew webstore. The limited release has a cover featuring Nora and limited colors.

Damaged Goods, RIP

Saturday, May 26th, 2012

“After almost 3 years of being a band we have decided to move on. It is a bittersweet feeling for all of us involved. Adam will be moving to California for a great opportunity to further his education, and to continue doing this without him wouldn’t feel right.

A few places/people/bands we’d like to personally thank…The Chestnut House residents, Nick Arone, Brian Cole, LIKE GLUE RECORDS, Another Mistake, Written Off, Vaderbomb, Strange Ways, Mike Stewart and the House of Wax, Out Crowd, Kicked In, Bryan Volz, Josh Raff (sike!), Megan Morgan, Xerxes, all the Indianapolis and Kansas City friends, anyone who ever loved/hated/moshed/partied or whatever with us. It has been real.

Our last two shows will be June 7th at Cahoots with Negative Approach and Black God and a final show in August that is TBA.

Keep supporting Louisville Hardcore. This is still the only life I see fit. Thank you all.”

Moe, Adam, Dustin, Jim, Cam. We will always be Damaged Goods