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Damaged Goods, RIP

Saturday, May 26th, 2012

“After almost 3 years of being a band we have decided to move on. It is a bittersweet feeling for all of us involved. Adam will be moving to California for a great opportunity to further his education, and to continue doing this without him wouldn’t feel right.

A few places/people/bands we’d like to personally thank…The Chestnut House residents, Nick Arone, Brian Cole, LIKE GLUE RECORDS, Another Mistake, Written Off, Vaderbomb, Strange Ways, Mike Stewart and the House of Wax, Out Crowd, Kicked In, Bryan Volz, Josh Raff (sike!), Megan Morgan, Xerxes, all the Indianapolis and Kansas City friends, anyone who ever loved/hated/moshed/partied or whatever with us. It has been real.

Our last two shows will be June 7th at Cahoots with Negative Approach and Black God and a final show in August that is TBA.

Keep supporting Louisville Hardcore. This is still the only life I see fit. Thank you all.”

Moe, Adam, Dustin, Jim, Cam. We will always be Damaged Goods

R.I.P. Alcohawk

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011


Local pop-punk gateway band Alcohawk have decided to cash out their Scene PointsTM cards for dunes of coke and move on to bigger, better things. Like snorting hot dogs and fancy wines on the golf course. Or eating boogers off the street in DC. On the subject, Adam Rains reports in from his secret base in the Grinstead Hills that “I heard Graham once tried to smash Paul’s head with a stolen ATM for the last bag of meth.” Which just illuminates why Alcohawk will be playing their last show at Cahoots on October 22nd with The Slow Death, Arms Aloft, and Late Ones. They request that all folks in possession of Party Panties and Alcohawk shirts to suit up for some drunken backflips and epic ringtones played into the PA and after all of that, their set. Entrance to the event will cost you $5 and require a healthy GrahamJob (give it some gusto) to leave.