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Louisville hxc tape comp

Monday, July 26th, 2010

Via Keith Lucius on the forums:

“Since Louisville shows are on another level right now and pretty much all of the bands are awesome I’ve decided to get together a tape compilation of a handful of locals as a way to sample whats going on in the city right now. Each band will have one demo or older song and one song that is exclusive to the tape. The original pressing will be hand numbered out of 100 and will include a professionally made layout and an included link for a digital download. Here is who is currently involved in the project…

Written Off
Another Mistake
Damaged Goods

If you have an active hardcore band in Louisville and want to be included on the comp, please send me an email at I want to include Skinwalkers and Will Allards new band on this but I dont have anyone in those bands direct contact info. If you guys are interested let me know.

This will be coming out under the Living Touch Records moniker I created to book shows/put out a couple bands demos with circa 03-05. We’ll have a site up shortly and will be putting out demo/ep tapes for Written Off, Mustangs and Another Mistake. Theres a lot of stuff were trying to do and its all coming together shortly.

For now we have a crappy blogspot where you can check out updates on releases/shows/etc. That will have a more extensive update shortly as well. Stay tuned.”