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LifePartner – Dogs

Thursday, January 19th, 2012
Life Partner - dogs

Life Partner - Dogs

Aaron Osbourne (formerly of Plows and State Champion, among others) is the main dude behind the wheel of Life Partner, and this new batch of bummed-out, midwestern grunge folk is known simply as “Dogs.” Low-fi not giving a fuck fills up the new release on Sophomore Lounge Records newest cassette release, scheduled to make it’s small run appearance on January 24th. However, it’s possible that some copies could be available at the Chestnut House this weekend. Life Partner will be appearing with Savages, Mote (1st show I believe, ex Mountain Asleep among others), a Debauchees. The show is Sunday night (Jan 22nd) and presented by the Cropped Out collective. Five bucks, 7pm, bring a couple of extra bucks for the tape and maybe bring a box of doughnuts for Aaron.

View the FB event post -or- talk about the show on the forums.

View the full release bio as well as stream the tape for free on the Sophomore Lounge Records site at

Life Partner interview

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

Life Partner is a new(er) band from Louisville and just put out a record on Sophmore Lounge Records. It is available for free download from their site. This interview was with Aaron Osborne.

Who is in your band, what do they do, and what is their favorite ice cream type?

Patrick Hume plays drumz and I play the bass guitar and sing.

Duncan said that you all weren’t on your normal instruments. How’d that happen? What’s that like? Say hello to your mother for me.

Patrick and I live together and have a practice space in our basement, so we were just playing around and he was like, “hey man, wanna switch?” That was all it took. To answer your other question it’s quite amazing to be learning a new instrument, i love playing bass, also, Patrick is pretty damn good at drums. (more…)