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Possible Ear X-Tacy closure?

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Ear X-Tacy

yes, it’s a bit of an alarmist title – After John Timmons sent out a press release, there’s been a flury of activity fearing that on Friday morning, Ear x-Tacy will be facing a major shakeup. At 10AM on Friday, John and staff will host a press conference at the 10,000sq ft  store to announce future plans. Hopefully (though regrettably), we’ll just see the Bardstown Rd. landmark restructure and maybe move and not lose this valuable institution. Their current lease is apparently up in March, so let’s hope they’re just moving. It’ll be a shame to see that space cut up and turned into something else though.

A number of people around the punk/hardcore scene have complained a lot about the place in recent years. “They don’t have any good hardcore” “All the punk stuff is the same stuff from 10 years ago”. If you value having a local store of this type then get in there and ask for things. They’ve always been down to order records for you. (Well, maybe not something like Skrewdriver, but be realistic.) I know you can buy the new Municipal Waste in there as well as that Trapped Under Ice record you’ve been looking for. Looking for Future Of The Left, Massive Attack, Nile, or Integrity’s Walpurgisnacht record from last year? Get down there and pick it up. (yes, I just pulled that list out of my ass) As stated in the press release, “I think the store is a place that makes Louisvillian’s proud.  It’s been a community effort to build it and it’s going to take a community to sustain it.”

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Lucky Pineapple releases video

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Lucky Pineapple has released their new video for “Moment In An Empty Street”. It was recently shot by Andrew Vittitoe, who some of you may know from Ultra Pulverize.

You can view it on LEO’s Bluegrass Catastrophe Blog, on YouTube, or below!