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The New Mexico – Ear X-Tacy After Dark

Friday, June 17th, 2011
The New Mexico, Harlequins Baby, and Via Animo at Ear X-Tacy

The New Mexico, Harlequins Baby, and Via Animo at Ear X-Tacy

The New Mexico will be headlining Ear X-Tacy’s next ‘After Dark’ event tomorrow (Saturday, June 18th, 2011). Unlike other After Dark events, this will cost $4, but comeon, it’s seriously worth it. Joining The New Mexico will be Harlequin’s Baby (with copies of both of their records available) and Via Animo. Remember – as with all After Dark shows, this event is ALL AGES and starts when the store closes up at 8pm. Someone take pictures and video, I can’t go.

Show updates/corrections

Friday, December 4th, 2009

I incorrectly reported that the Buo Hao Ting/Spooky Q’s show at Seidenfaden’s was to take place on Saturday night after the SSM/SA’s/SC show, but it has been revealed to me (via crystal forum ball) that the show is actually TONIGHT (Friday). $10pm, $5.

Also, there are a number of flyers out for the Skull Alley show on December 15th that don’t have the date on them. John is making some new ones, especially now that Where We Live dropped off (but will be playing in January when Ben gets a venue so you can still catch ’em). Everyone else is still playing (Man Overboard/Totem Spirit Fox), and The New Mexico may jump on.

Also, please check the upcoming shows forum, as there are some quality bands looking for shows coming up. Someone plz help ’em out (especially Another Breath on Jan 5th or whatever it says on the forum)

New Mexico debut EP

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

From The New Mexico crew:

“A long time ago, we updated or myspace saying that we would release a new ep sometime in the near future. That was probably about 3 or 4 months ago, definitely sometime over the summer. Now, a few months later, we have 5 new songs recorded. We’ve been playing them live at our shows over the summer so they may or may not be familiar to you (most likely not). The New E.P. will be titled Inductive Reasoning, but will probably end up being shortened to the second ep, or the second demo or whatever. We’re making roughly 200 copies and we’re planning on selling them for 5 dollars.

We are planning to release it November 2nd at our show with The Toasters at Skull Alley.
Hopefully it’ll be ready by then.

If not November 2nd, it will be released the show after that, whenever that may be, right now it’s December 3rd. We’re playing with Outbreak at Skull Alley.

PLEASE come out and support us at these 2 huge shows and buy/take our stuff!”