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Hookers in Vegas, Euro tour, Horror Rises From The Tombs

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

The Hookers - Horror Rises From THe Tombs

The Hookers - Horror Rises From THe Tombs

The Hookers recently returned from their tour out west. Check out the video below from a pool party they played in Vegas. It’s interesting to say the least.


Spiders 4 Eyes – Songs For Nobody

Thursday, April 21st, 2011
Spiders 4 Eyes - Songs for Nobody

Spiders 4 Eyes - Songs for Nobody 7"

Local punk rockers Spiders 4 Eyes are a new band, but they aren’t starting off slow. Having played just a handful of show so far, they’re eager for more and have already put together a 7″ that is just as eager to be put on your turntable. They’ve also shot a short video for the song “Breaking The Clock” that is in editing right now and should be released soon. They’ll be playing here soon (4/30/11) with Lee Van Cleef ¬†and Chime Hours at Cahoots. Here’s a quick band bio:

“Spiders 4 Eyes is a hardcore punk band formed in the basement of local b-movie director, John Walker. The main focus is around fast, catchy punk of the past. For beauty and ugliness to become one,and for the distortion to reach eleven! There have been comparrisons from the Dicks to Squirrel Bait. The first 7” came out sometime in February 2011, and the band is working on doing a few more records. With keyboards this time around. We hope to be playing quite a few shows around town, and hope to meet all of you! -First show was opening for Bush League @ the Keswick Democratic Club on 3.18.11

Band Members:

John Walker – bass/vocals
Thom-ass – drums
Neil Dyer – moog/sarcasm
Drew Blood – guitar”

Spiders4Eyes on Facebook
Spiders4Eyes on Myspace

Mr. Underhill comes back from the shire

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010
Mr. Underhill logo

Mr. Underhill

These guys were bastions of Hobbit culture before Elijah Wood had ever heard of furry feet. And they’re going to be bringing their bollocks back to your ears this April. Keep your eye out for date, time, and venue.

Check out their site for Video, Audio downloads, and long-lost photos!

Halloween Show roundup 09

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

This year, Louisville seems to be off the hook insofar as cover shows. Where we’ve had tons of punk/hardcore/whatever cover bands and shows the past few years, it’s kind of slim this year in comparison. But that sure doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything to do! Here’s a quick rundown of what you can find this weekend:

Friday, Oct. 30th:

Blade Of The Ripper last show

Blade Of The Ripper last show

Uncle Pleasant’s – 9pm, $5, 18+ – Blade Of The Ripper (last show!), The Revenants, Lords, Buffalo Bill

Zanzabar – 9pm, $7, 21+ – Wax Fang, The Invaders. Brought to you by Buzzgrinder.

Lisa’s Oak St. – $5?, 10pm, 21+ – The Vibrolas, The Revenge Of Ricky Williams

Saturday, Oct. 31st:

The Palace – 7pm, $33-43. Seriously? – Monsters Of Folk (Jim from My Morning Jacket & other guys like Connor Oberst)

Hallowedfest 09

Hallowedfest 09

Jeffersonville, IN Amphitheater – Hallowedfest – 5:30pm, $free? – Sacred Sorrow (CD release), Escaping Memory, Aquaventure, Hark The Herald, Snapped.

Bulldog Cafe’ – Eyes Verses The Sky, No Sign Of Murder, Conquer the King, Voices Of Adria, Jonny Fontane, Up In Arms

Sunday, Nov. 1st:

Sit on your butt and recover from the candy and/or booze from Saturday… and get ready for the Toasters/Kodiaks show at Skull Alley on Monday, the 2nd ($10).

If you have something to add, please contact me!

New Mexico debut EP

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

From The New Mexico crew:

“A long time ago, we updated or myspace saying that we would release a new ep sometime in the near future. That was probably about 3 or 4 months ago, definitely sometime over the summer. Now, a few months later, we have 5 new songs recorded. We’ve been playing them live at our shows over the summer so they may or may not be familiar to you (most likely not). The New E.P. will be titled Inductive Reasoning, but will probably end up being shortened to the second ep, or the second demo or whatever. We’re making roughly 200 copies and we’re planning on selling them for 5 dollars.

We are planning to release it November 2nd at our show with The Toasters at Skull Alley.
Hopefully it’ll be ready by then.

If not November 2nd, it will be released the show after that, whenever that may be, right now it’s December 3rd. We’re playing with Outbreak at Skull Alley.

PLEASE come out and support us at these 2 huge shows and buy/take our stuff!”