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Self Destruct – back from the dead

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

Self Destruct records is being brought back. The label is being resurrected and set to put out new releases before the end of 2014.

After a 20 year hiatus, Mike Bucayu and John Toombs have brought back Self Destruct Records. There are currently a few projects in the works. Louisville has always had a very influential and strong music community and we look forward to continue documenting in the same spirit as when the label first began.
Feel free to email any Self Destruct related photos or stories that we can include in our archives.
Stay tuned for upcoming announcements, updates, and additions. –

New Ear X-Tacy hardcore/punk records

Friday, December 10th, 2010

Ear X-Tacy is working on doing a more focused job of carrying records that you guys may be into. Here’s a partial list of some of the releases they’ve just received in the past few days. Stop by to check out more!

New shipment from Revelation Records just arrived! Lemuria 7″s, Converge LPs, Memphis May Fire CD, V/A – Past Present LP, Have Heart LP, Integrity Colored 7″, Stay Ahead of the Weather 7″, Movielife LP, Youth Crew 010 7″, F*ucked Up 7″, Narrows 7″, Rival Mob 7″, Skeletonwitch 7″, Disfear 7″, Vervain 7″, Harms Way LP, + many more! Also — next week the OFF! First 4 EPs Box Set (7″ Only) comes out next week. Call to pre-order yours today! (502) 452-1799

I was up there last night and grabbed the (apparent) last copy of Shedding‘s new 12″ entitled Tear In The Sun, out on Hometapes, but there should be more for your listening pleasure soon. Also, Integrity‘s We Are The End 7″ on Magic Bullet and the Slint 33 1/3 book. The Web Fruit Bat Republic CD is for sale for $1.99 as is the Sean Garrison & The Five Finger Discount Against All Flags CD on Ear X/Louisville Lip. Pick some of this stuff up.

New Mexico debut EP

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

From The New Mexico crew:

“A long time ago, we updated or myspace saying that we would release a new ep sometime in the near future. That was probably about 3 or 4 months ago, definitely sometime over the summer. Now, a few months later, we have 5 new songs recorded. We’ve been playing them live at our shows over the summer so they may or may not be familiar to you (most likely not). The New E.P. will be titled Inductive Reasoning, but will probably end up being shortened to the second ep, or the second demo or whatever. We’re making roughly 200 copies and we’re planning on selling them for 5 dollars.

We are planning to release it November 2nd at our show with The Toasters at Skull Alley.
Hopefully it’ll be ready by then.

If not November 2nd, it will be released the show after that, whenever that may be, right now it’s December 3rd. We’re playing with Outbreak at Skull Alley.

PLEASE come out and support us at these 2 huge shows and buy/take our stuff!”

Oct. 09 Noise Pollution News

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

Hello folks. Just a brief news update.

We’ve modified our dusty old website with a blogspot account so as to provide news updates with greater frequency. This will act as a sort of placeholder site until we get our stuff together for a proper overhaul. The old site will no longer be updated other than new releases which will be accessible through the blog. Please go to to check it out and check back often as we’re going to be adding updates regularly.

We’re very pleased to announce the upcoming release of the new Second Story Man album, Screaming Secrets. It will be released on December 5th on both CD and LP. This record has been over two years in the making and is easily the best work they have ever done. The release show will be at Skull Alley on 12/5 with openers Straight A’s and Softcheque.

Second Story Man - Screaming Secrets

Second Story Man - Screaming Secrets


Ear X-Tacy one of the best

Saturday, April 18th, 2009

Unsurprisingly, Ear X-Tacy has been mentioned as one of the best independent record stores in the United States by Spin Magazine. While I couldn’t typically give a shit about anything that Spin says (or AP and similar magazines), I hope this helps drive more people out to the store, and it is great that they are getting this kind of exposure. So congratulations on doing a good job and getting noticed, Ear X-Tacy!