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Free Noise Pollution sampler download

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Black Box - Noise Pollution compilationCheck out the FREE Noise Pollution label sampler over at All sorts of Louisville jams on here including The Web, Minnow, Lucky Pineapple, The Teeth, Straight A’s, Evergreen, Cerebellum, Chime Hours, Metroschifter, Kentucky Chrome Revue, Second Story Man, Trophy Wives and more. Hey, it’s FREE, so get on it.

Skull Alley live 7″ series

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Announced yesterday, Skull Alley is looking for you to back your boys on their newest endeavor, the Live at Skull Alley 7″ series. In conjunction with the First Saturday show series, Skull Alley is looking to release a 7″ record from each of the shows. For more details, see the Kickstart Project site or continue reading below.

“Back in January we started an ongoing monthly show series called the First Saturday Show at our all ages music and arts venue Skull Alley. We started the series to begin each month at the space on an exciting note by getting the best bands from the region we could and keeping the ticket prices as low as possible. On a whim we decided to record the shows off of our board with the help of our friend Trip who runs an awesome donation based studio called Studio K.

The recordings turned out 1000% better than we could have ever imagined and we immediately knew we should do something with them. After getting a couple more of the First Saturday shows under our belts we finally decided that we should release these recordings as a limited vinyl 7” singles series that has a couple of live songs from each band on the show as well as a digital download of the entire show.

Our goal with this is to help document the history of the space in a permanent format, raise our general notoriety level in town and elsewhere, give the bands an awesome new item to sell at their merch tables, raise a little extra money to fund the space, and most importantly help document the work of some local bands that may never record otherwise.

Sounds awesome, right?

Well the problem is we don’t really have the cash right now to get these out immediately, so we thought we’d start up a Kickstarter project for this to see if we can raise the funds to get the first one or two out into the world, and to help gauge interest in the project and see if people would even care if we did this.

The recordings for the first three shows are all ready to go, and obessively mixed by Studio K . They sound really, really awesome. In fact, they sound better than a lot of band’s professionally recorded studio records. Add in the hilarious in-between song banter and heckling from the crowd, and we’ve got a winner.

The money from this Kickstarter project would be used to immediately send the first of the series off to be plated at Aardvark Mastering for vinyl production (approx $275), then sent directly to the vinyl plant for production (approx $500). It will also pay for basic packaging for the records and the digital downloads. We’re setting the goal for the project at $1000 to cover the first record completely, but if we can reach $2000 or even $3000 we can send the first 2-3 records in the series off to press at the same time, which would mean supporters would find a barrage of new music to check out arriving in their mail boxes all at once.

Any profits from these records will be used to of course release the rest of the series, and to put towards overhead for the venue and improvements to the sound/recording equipment we have in house.

Recorded shows, ready for release:
First Saturday show #1 – COLISEUM, STRAIGHT As, ZCFOS
First Saturday show #2 – Fork In Socket, Rest Assured, Houses In Motion
First Saturday show #3 – ALGERNON CADWALLADER, Mountain Asleep, Wise Blood
First Saturday Show #4 – PAUL BARIBEAU, Evil Grimace, Egret, Teenage Angela (pending artist approval)”

Straight A’s – Self Help

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010
Straight A's - Self Help

Straight A's - Self Help

Straight A’s are getting ready to release their first full-length record on Noise Pollution. Entitled “Self Help”, it was recorded in the Summer of 2009 by Trip Barriger at Studio K (hope you weren’t surprised by that) except for the song “Trestles” which was recorded by Brian Lueken at Skull Alley. With eighteen songs in about 35 minutes featuring guests appearances by Thommy Browne (By the Grace of God, Chime Hours, et al), Susan Crocker and Dan Moore (Lucky Pineapple) the A’s are seeking to outdo themselves in terms of flexibility and range from their self titled 7″.

Here’s a note from the guys about the record being released: “Straight A’s will play the SXSE festival. Friday April 23rd. We will be joined by Thommy Browne on 2nd drums and will have advance copies of our debut album “Self Help”. Come pick up a copy (or two) before that other guy and have some fun with us!”

Here’s a preview of the record:

Eric & Mary’s Radio Show

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Eric & Many’s Radio Show on UofL’s campus radio station – check it out tonight at 7:30-9:30. I’ll be on there tonight playing some new unreleased stuff from Lee Van Cleef and Straight A’s as well as a bunch of older Louisville stuff. Or if you’re on campus around then, come by and spit all over the radio station windows and say “oi!” a lot. I just now realized that they’re apparently internet only now? That probably happened 10 years ago, I didn’t know. Whoops. Well, you’re reading this online, so you’ve got no excuse to not listen online I guess.

edit: Pictures are up at

Endpoint Reunion show updates, Kinghorse tribute comp

Monday, February 1st, 2010

For those of you not on Facebook or the Lou Hardcore forums, here’s an update on the Endpoint reunion show:

Saturday, May 15th
Venue: Headliner’s TBA


(Rob, Duncan, TBrowne, Chad, Pat, special appearance by Lee)


(playing their songs as well as Speed-era Crain songs)

Face Value



Sorry rumor-mongers, no Falling Forward or Kinghorse.