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Stabler – The Squadroom

Monday, February 11th, 2013

Stabler CD cover

Stabler CD cover

With a name like Stabler, you’d likely expect some no-nonsense, straight to the point enforcement. Well, if you’re a fan of Law & Order: SVU that is. If you’re both a fan of that and hardcore, then you’re in luck as Louisville’s Stabler bring you 10 tracks of straight forward thrashing hardcore with their new release The Squadroom. The songs were recorded by Mike Stewart of the House of Wax and mixed/mastered by Sean Collier. If you’re into the songs, you can see Stabler at Spinelli’s Downtown on Sunday, March 17th with Shook Like Dead Men (OH), They Came Bearing Arms, and Hallows. Keep on the look out for some more soon afterwards and potentially for a limited edition CD of this record at those shows.

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