LDB Fest Pics and video

February 14th, 2018

There’s a lot of media floating around from this past weekends LDB Fest. Formerly known as Midwest Blood Fest, the name change didn’t seem to keep anyone away. You can catch some of the action with pics and videos below, though there will surely be more coming later –>





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By The Grace Of God – (Drowning In) White Tides

February 12th, 2018

BTGOG have released a new song from their upcoming new record. The new song is called “(Drowning In) White Tides” and will be found on the new record called “Above Fear”, dropping March 30th on State of Mind Recordings. I’d keep an ear open for a record release show around then. The song is best summed up by the band:

(Drowning in) White Tides is a call to arms against a nefarious right, shrouded in religious purity, capitalist fervor, and nationalist rhetoric. It calls to that spark in each of us to acknowledge that though we may shaken, we should still be fucking pissed and rise above fear.

Find the track at: https://idioteq.com/drowning-in-white-tides-grace-god-return-new-track/

Contrast / Constraint split

January 24th, 2018

Life and Death Brigade records has released a digital download of their forthcoming split between Contrast and Constraint. Check it out at the L&DB Bandcamp page or just click the embed below.

Your Food – Poke It With a Stick

January 23rd, 2018

Your Food - Poke It With a Stick Louisville’s own Your Food will re-release their only record – Poke It With a Stick on March 23rd, 2018. Long only available through tape trades, this little bit of Louisville music history can be yours thanks to the folks at Drag City Records. If you don’t feel like waiting, the band has put one song up on Bandcamp with a pre-order option where you get the rest of the songs presumably on the stroke of midnight on March 23rd. Check out the song – Leave – below. To those that picked up the Bold Beginnings comp, Leave may be familiar as it and two other tracks were included there.

It was a golden age, but a waning one, an adolescent state before hope or commercial prospect or any plan for the future. Your Food managed three short tours in a world before cell phones, social media, or global positioning, and earned the admiration of the few who heard them. But, it all came to a spectacularly bitter end on the side of some frozen, forlorn highway in West Virginia. After the van broke down three times in four days, the band called it quits.

Midwest Blood Fest 5

October 1st, 2017

Midwest Blood Fest 5 tickets are now on sale (and probably sold out real soon). Here’s the details:

Midwest Blood Fest Pre-Show

Midwest Blood Fest 5 Preshow

Midwest Blood Fest 5 Preshow

February 8th 2018 // Spinellis Downtown
Price: $12 Doors: 5:00 // Show: 5:30

Nine Eyes
By Force
Vicious Embrace
Lethal Contact

Midwest Blood Fest Day 1

Midwest Blood Fest 5

Midwest Blood Fest 5

February 8th 2018 // The Cure Lounge

Bent Life
World of pain
Breaking Wheel
Miracle Drug
Heavens Die
Wicked garden
Devils den

Midwest Blood Fest Day 2

February 10th 2018 // The Cure Lounge

Knocked Loose
Gods Hate
Piece of Mind
Blood In Blood Out
Rhythm Of Fear
Kept In Line
Year Of The Knife
Division Of Mind
Iron Born
Revenge Season
Creeping Death
Death Rate

Tickets, Contact, More Info at: