September 2004 Louisville scene report

A couple of things real quick-like:
1) RedNails recording update…
2) There’s a new band called Freethrow
3) Lords and Coliseum were featured in this month’s AP…
4) xXOXOx now has MP3s available…
5) There are tickets available for the BTGOG show now…
For more…. read on.

1) From Dan (of the Rednails): The Red Nails have recently become a trio with the departure of Sir Andy Forbes Sturdevant. Dan has taken over the lead vocals and will continue to play guitar etc. The band will be entering the studio on October 9th and hope to record an album or ep for release as soon as possible. There should be a revamp of the website in coming weeks and I will post any upcoming shows here. We are supposed to play on Oct. 17th but the gentlemen who was/is setting up the show is currently on a government sponsored vacation of incarceration. Therefore, I will post further info if the show actually happens.
2) There’s a new band in town gearing up for two-steps and circle pits. Featuring Dylan and Josh from Ganthet and Thrashasaurus Rex, and some kid with only one ear guaged out, they should be playing shows pretty soon (they were trying to play ZeroFest this coming weekend)
3) Both Coliseum and Lords had writeups in this month’s Alternative Press. Here’s what was said dudes:
HQ: Louisville, KY
Now Playing: Coliseum (Level Plane)
The Story So Far:
Black Cross guitarist and Initial Records dude Ryan Patterson(ex-the National Acrobat) formed Coliseum as an outlet during breaks between Black Cross tours. Holing up at the legendary BC Castle (okay, it’s Patterson’s garage) with a few hometown buddies and Patterson’s cousin Matt on drums, they emerged with a gnarly salute to punk’s crustier days captured on reel-to-reel tape for the princely sum of $800.
Why You Should Know Him:
Coliseum pile slabs of buzzsaw guitar over Patterson’s house vocals, and set ’em to a gnashin’, slashin’, Discharge-worshiping beat extravaganza. If something’s pissing you off, throw this sucker on and let its destructive din thrash your worries away. Either that or have Coliseum playing in the background as you “confront your woes” with a blunt object. Yeah, they’re that brutal – Kevin Stewart-Panko.
You Like? You’ll Like: Discharge/His Hero Is Gone/ Motorhead
From the AP Record Store. album review section:
Lords – The House That Lords Built
5 out of 5
Why can’t hardcore CDs sound this hardcore?
“Supergroup” is a relative term for any band whose members don’t have at least a gold record among them, but what the hell: You tell us there’s a new hardcore group featuring maniacs left over from the National Acrobat, Red Sun, Brothers Of Conquest, Irina and Slow Suicide, and “super” will do just fine. Clocking in at around 10 minutes when you ignore the useless 19 minute “experimental” fart at the disc’s end, Lords’ debut EP is super indeed; a rollicking, scorching barrel of venom that could just as well be a barroom brwal between Black Flag, Rye Coalition, the Monorchild and Born Against. And if you’re about to say, “Well, Wrangler Brutes already fromed out of those last two bands to do excactly the same thing.” you get the gold star of hipness, but you’re forgetting one thing: Wrangler Brutes’ album is only available on cassette. Dummies. (Initial; Aaron Burgess
4) Local electronic straight edge keytarist Fluffy now has MP3s up from his solor dance project – xXOXOx. Hit em up at
5) Last up, we’ve gotten word that tickets for the By The Grace Of God reunion show on October 16th (the Adele Collins benefit show) are now on sale at Ear-X-Tacy. This show is virtually assured of selling out as people are flying in from all over the country for it, so you better get your ass up to Ear X-Tacy ASAP before they’re gone!! Here’s the (almost) final lineup: BTGOG, Ensign, Sean Garrison, Coliseum.